Balancing Family and Writing #WritersLife by @AuthorLynnBurke

Balancing Family & Writing

Balancing life in general – hubs, children, and home under construction with my writing hobby has always been an issue. How do I do it? Every day is different, but for me life comes first.

Children whining? I leave my desk (kitchen table). Children want me to read to them? I put down my WiP edits and take the stack of books they’re holding out to me.

Some days I sit and play Legos or join them in coloring pictures, my mind in la la land plotting the next scene.

If I’m scrubbing a toilet, showing my girls how to knead bread, chasing Little Man around the house, sitting with the hubs at night while watching reruns of Pawn Stars or American Pickers, my mind is often on the characters inside it screaming for attention – who they are and how they speak. Of course, some days I’m unable to multi task so grilling supper and kissing boo boos has my full attention.

Story of my life…is that a laptop buried beneath all that junk?!?

Often times I’ll go days – weeks – without writing a single new word because life demands my unwavering focus. This is the reason I’m lucky to button up one novel in three years rather than three in one like some authors I know! Lucky ducks. That’s probably why I stick to shorts & novellas.

I don’t know how others do it. I suppose if there wasn’t a young man hollering “I’m done!!!,” and fighting, screaming sisters, cluttered rooms with countless toys, crayons, trucks, and dolls it might be possible. Would I change things, though, if given the chance?

Absolutely not.

My two girls and a almost four-year- old son (I guess throw the hubs in there too *wink wink*) come first for me. Always have, always will.

Perhaps once all my precious ones are in school and the construction zone we call a remodel in progress is finished, I’ll find more time for my hobby. Until then, I’ll just keep plugging along scribbling whenever and wherever.

~ Lynn

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