Writing Through The Insecurities

Hi there! It’s been WAY too long since I posted on this wonderful site. My sincere apologies.

writer_at_work_working_caution_sign_poster-ra6e68f24e0a64fe2bac7c08bae2fa138_sthp_8byvr_324Today I’d like to talk about writing through the insecurities. We’re human. Life happens. It gets in the way and not only blocks our creativity, but makes us mute as writers. Pushing through isn’t as easy as it sounds, as we all probably know.

I’ve been published for five and a half years now, and I can tell you I’ve had months where I’ve banged out two books, and months where I’ve been lucky to write half a page.

Health issues, money issues, friends in need, friends who betray you, work-related issues, computer issues, on and on and on. It’s called LIFE. But I also know if I want to succeed at this … if I want to make an actual living off this one day, I have to take it seriously. I have to make it a priority. I have to treat it like the business that it is, not like the hobby some people in my life think it is.

So how does one do that? How does one go about keeping writing in the forefront when everything around you is falling apart?

Well, the reality is that sometimes you cannot do it. Some days, it has to take a back seat. But the trick is to get back to it as soon as the initial crisis is taken care of. As soon as you can put your butt in the chair and type again, DO IT. Even if it’s only 200 words a day.

That’s 200 words a day more than you would have done had you ignored your laptop and pretended you weren’t a writer. 200 words a day times one month of steady writing equals 6,000 words, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

spiral_clock_2_by_cat_machineAnother thing I do when life seems to be more complicated than I’m ready to handle is schedule my writing. I set aside blocks of time on days I know I can fit them in, around everything else that’s going on. That way it becomes one more task on the calendar that day instead of this gigantic THING hanging out there in space, staring at me and daring me to ignore it.

And you know what? Sometimes you simply have to give yourself permission to take a break for a while. There are circumstances where writing simply won’t fit into what you need to deal with, and that’s okay. As I said up there, we’re only HUMAN.

Until next time, Happy Writing! 

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