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Good morning all. I hope summer is treating you well. It’s hot as blazes here in Ontario. All the towns, burgs surrounding me are all on a burning ban, which means no open barrel burning of newspapers, trash etc.  There have been so many fires as of late because of the weather, it’s terrifying. A local farm was decimated due to ball-bearings on a tractor catching fire which poured out into the fields. Devastation is the only word I can think of to remotely describe it all. My hay fields are pitiful, we’re in desperate need of rain — about a week or two’s worth would do. So much loss and sadness.

In writing related news. I’m 3/4 of the way finished writing the 2nd Canadian Muscle story. It’s going well. Farm has kept me busy so some days are not as productive as others but overall, writing is going well.

And I am currently getting final steps done to have the “In the Arms of the Law” Series Collection put into print. All 4 stories, released to date, will be in one print volume. There will also be an Ebook edition as well. The main reason for doing the prints is that I have another book signing. This time in London, Ontario, in September. I’m really looking forward to the event and if you’re in the area, here is the link to more information >>

Here are the print and Ebook edition covers for the collection.

KHAnthoCoverFull KHAnthoCoverFullebookRes3














I’m excited to get these into the hands of readers!


Until next time, happy reading!

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