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Snow Days, Reviews, and Headaches #WritersLife

I had MAJOR plans today to write the day away. Heck, I even dreamed about what snacks I would munch on while diving into my current WiP, an HEA for Reid Sullivan, Elite Escort man whore extraordinaire.

Thanks to nor’easter, Stella, I’ve got three kids at home with me rather than one.


That means I haven’t written a single word and the day is almost half over.

I’m also neck-deep in trying to rustle up reviews for another title.  That makes me feel all…



I mean, seriously. I’ve sent out close to 25 review requests between making breakfast, wiping snotty noses, taking the toddler to pee, sipping tepid tea, making beds, laundry…and I know the chances of my gleaning a single review is close to zero.

All this to say it’s eleven in the morning, and I already have a headache. I’m ready for spring, digging in my garden, and a little peace and quiet.

That’s my bitch-o-rama for the day. How’s your day going so far?? Any tips or suggestions on how to get those coveted reviews? HOW can I keep the kids quiet for FIVE friggin’ minutes so I can write?!?

Lots of xoxo

~ Lynn Burke




Do you have a favorite reading or writing space?

Hello everyone, it’s Jennifer here, and today I have reading and writing spaces on my mind. In particular, my space, which is currently non-existent thanks to building renovation works at our house.

Jennifer Lynne renosWhere does one write when your home is undergoing renovations and everything is out of place and covered in a layer of white dust? Where does one sit and read, without the vacuum cleaner screaming out to be used, a tower of displaced books threatening to topple on your head, or the shrill sound of a builder’s drill interrupting your concentration?

This is my predicament at the moment – thank goodness I have a laptop so I’m somewhat mobile, but my favorite book “space” – that little piece of the world I’d set up to write in, to read in, and basically to tap into and foster my creative side – is no longer there. At this stage I can’t even figure out where my new writing space will be when all the building works are done.

This morning I went to a café à la J. K. Rowling, but the woman who sat down at the table right next to me kept peering at my screen and when you’re in the midst of writing an erotic scene, sometimes that’s just downright off-putting!

Here’s a quick peek at what I was writing in the café…

JenniferLynne_IceQueen_200pxShe sucked in a breath and it was as if she were inhaling sex itself. The scent was rich and heady, like the most subtle and masculine aftershave. Her breath exhaled in a ragged sigh. Why not? It would be one night with a man who could help her forget everything she was, and drown her in this incredible sea of rich desire.

A man who knows your secrets. Or at least some of them. The words whispered their urgent warning across her thoughts and for the first time in years she made a deliberate choice to ignore them.

Without this I am done. There is nothing left to save me from the wasteland of my own darkness. Without this, I might as well be dead.

“Okay then,” she said, hearing the hum of need in her words. He heard it too. She could tell by the flare of light in his eyes and the slight tautening of his muscles as his arms squeezed around her. He could crush her in a second, with those arms, if he so chose. The curved biceps were as big in circumference as her head. The danger was right here, and it was real, and yet her body was coming alive after its long and lonely hibernation. Heat buzzed along her veins and her clit began to throb as a warm rush of moisture dampened her panties. But she felt it fair to warn him. “You know there’s nothing behind this door I haven’t seen. Haven’t already done.”

He shook his head, eyes alight with what looked like mirth. “Oh, Meika. You have no idea. I am Eros. I will make you come without even touching you, if I so wish.”

His fingers reached out toward her cheek and hovered there, about an inch away from her jaw. The heat was palpable and the zing of what felt like an electrical current sent a shiver right through her body. He was right. Not a single touch, and her clit was suddenly so engorged she could feel her pussy lips parting to make way for the swollen nub.

(Unedited) from Ice Queen – copyright Jennifer Lynne

Back to writing spaces…

Photo credit: with permission from Vanessa Carnevale

Here’s where Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations, among other works. His desk is on display at the Charles Dickens Museum in London.

I read that D. H. Lawrence preferred to write outdoors, leaning against a tree trunk. He said the trees were like “living company”. I’d give that a go, only it’s winter here in Melbourne, it’s wet & muddy, and I’m not exactly the outdoors type!

One of my favorite authors, Jane Austen, wrote some of Pride and Prejudice as well as other renowned stories on a tiny table in the main room of the cottage she shared with several family members. Perhaps I should take inspiration from her experience.

Where is your favorite place to read and/or write? Do you prefer clean and neat, or  is messy more your thing? Do you have one favorite space, or several? Please share your thoughts in the comments below – I’d love to hear about your reading/writing space.


Jennifer Lynne writes short contemporary erotic romance. She is published with Red Sage and formerly with Breathless Press, and indie-published with her GODS OF LOVE romance series featuring erotic Greek gods and modern-day mortals in need of sexual healing. More recently she  co-authored the highly erotic NOT VANILLA series with USA Today Bestselling Author, Roz Lee. Find out more at her website or sign up for her newsletter here.

Typos, the bane of a writer’s life by Doris O’Connor (@mamaD8) #WritersProblems

Hello, lovely peeps, and welcome back to another instalment of my Tuesday Ramblings on here. As the title says I’m talking Typos today.



Those of you who follow me on Social Media will be used to me going back and editing my posts by now, especially on FB. Just don’t check the edit history, because, hells bells, some days I have to go back several times.


My good friend and fellow dirty birdie Raven McAllan has Fibro and refers to her fingers as Raven fingers. She has days where even I struggle to decipher what she’s trying to say, but at least she has a good excuse.

What’s mine, I wonder, other than coming out in sympathy, and my brain not keeping up with my flying fingers that is. It was an error I made when putting up her post on my blog in honor of her newest release, The Rock Star’s Wife, that inspired this blog post.

I meant to put the title as

Singing for your supper.

What I put instead was.

Signing for your supper.


The first I knew of this was, when my twitter notifications came in. I’m part of Triberr, and thus my blog posts get retweeted a lot. By the time I got on my computer to fix the title, I had an e-mail from Raven, giggling at my Doris Fingers, and of course the perma link still went out as Signing…


Oh well, it caused some amusement, at least, but, really… I checked that countless times before I posted it, as well, but you know what they say you’re blind to your own mistakes.

Never is that truer than when I’m in the moment, so to speak. In part I blame it on my over active muse and the fact that I’m always trying to do ten things at once. Especially when I’m on social media. You see, I need peace and quiet to write, so my social media interaction takes place when the kids are around, and in the evenings, with the telly on etc, as the time they aren’t with me is taken up by writing.

Mind you, that doesn’t mean my first drafts aren’t littered with typos galore. Trust me they are and many of them make it into my Typo of the Day status updates.

Hubby, who reads all my first draft material, regularly bursts out laughing, when he’s reading that day’s writing efforts.

Missing words are a firm favourite, or putting down a completely different word to the one I intended, and don’t ask me how many times my characters undergo a sex change. He becomes she and vice versa. It’s amusing for sure, and while my stories will have seen several pair of eyes, before I submit them to my publisher,  mine, hubby’s, mine, Raven’s, and mine again, as I go over her critique points, things still slip in.

I often cringe when I get my story back and read the editor’s comments, namely the ones along the lines of….what are you trying to say here, or did you mean to use this word etc.

*headdesk again*

Thank goodness for editors, that’s all I can say, and still, things get missed, and my head hits that desk again, when I find a typo in my published works with a muttered, “How the heck did we all miss that?”

I don’t know what the answer is to that old problem, other than to go through my final approval copy with  a very fine tooth comb, and to read it on different media, as somehow that throws up the errors more.

Which brings me to my question for you all. How do you as readers feel about typos? Personally I overlook them if the story pulls me in, but, if there are lots of them, and the story is so so, it can mean that I won’t finish reading that story.

How about you? Do they pull you out of a story, or does it not bother you too much. And likewise, I’ve heard it say that it can put readers off when they see Status updates littered with Typos, hence I always go back to edit them, when I notice them.

I like to think my readers chuckle along with me, when I do a booboo like that, but who knows? Maybe you’re just rolling your eyes at my complete inability to control my fingers?


Answers on a postcard please.

Do stay naughty, folks,

D x