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Today is the day! 4 Year #Authorversary from Doris @mamaD8 #WinGC @evernightpub


Happy Monday, peeps. 🙂
I can hear you groan, as I’m typing this, but I’m in celebratory mood today, as exactly four years ago today, my dream of becoming a published author became a reality.

Lure of the Blood was that book, shortly followed by two others with two different publishers, who do not exist anymore. Yeah, it’s been a journey, you could say. One during which I learnt lots, made some amazing friends, and gained many loyal and lovely readers along the way.

So this is just a short, woohooo post from me, and a big Thank YOU to all of you who’ve been with me for that journey. Join me in my celebrations, and you could win a $25.00 Amazon GC. Entry via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.


Now, I can’t let a celebration go without a little plug for my next Release, now can I?

Claimed by her Viking Wolf releases November 25th with Evernight Publishing.


When historical romance writer Kimberly Talbot finds a displaced, injured Viking at her campfire, her life sure starts to get complicated. She can’t leave him there. Besides, what sort of writer would she be if she didn’t take up this splendid opportunity for some hands on research of the sexy Viking god variety?

All she has to do is keep her heart out of the firing line.

Asger, son of Liufr wakes up in a strange, cursed land, out of time, injured, and unable to shift. Drawn to the fire of the flame haired kona by her intoxicating scent and the promise of food and shelter, he has no choice but to trust the woman his wolf claims is their mate, their válað, the very key to his return home.

He doesn’t belong in these strange times, but does Kim belong in his?

A choice has to be made…


HAWT Excerpt:

Remembering a Burlesque Class she’d attended for research into a story a few years ago, she closed her eyes, and swung her hips to imaginary seductive music. Kim ran her hands slowly up underneath the hem of her blouse, exposing minute amounts of skin in slow motion, while continuing the sway of her hips.

Asger’s sharp intake of breath spurred her on. Letting go of the blouse she ran her hands over her breasts, cupping each heavy mound until she could thumb her own nipples. Shivers of delight chased across her skin, and her clit contracted in need.

A Norse curse made her open her eyes to find Asger had retreated to the stairs. Sitting down, with his legs spread wide, he watched her through hungry eyes, as he stroked his dick in slow moves mirroring the speed of her hands on her tits.

Emboldened she danced closer, slowly unbuttoning her blouse until it fell from her shoulders, and she threw it across to him. Asger caught it with a grin, and the bra that followed.

Seeing him lift the lacy contraption up to his nose and inhale deeply made Kim lose her stride. That was just so damn sexy, as was the way his cock jumped in his hand. The thick head glistened in pre-cum, and Kim licked her lips, desperate to taste him again.

A deep rumble rose from Asger’s chest. She tore her gaze away from the sight of his cock, ran it up the ridges that made up his abdomen, over the ink gracing his side and chest into the bearded column of his neck, and the proud lines of this warrior’s face up to his softly glowing eyes.

“Not that slow, kona. I want to see my cunt. I want to see it weep with its dew, ready for my tongue and my cock. I want to taste you, devour you, until your only thought is me. I want you.”

“God, yes, please, I want that, too.”

All finesse went out of the window as Kim unsnapped her jeans and yanked them down her legs, taking her sodden underwear with them. She stumbled in her haste to kick off her shoes and her jeans, and braced herself for impact. Instead of the floorboards coming to greet her, however, she found herself on the stairs draped over Asger’s knees. The first sharp slap of his hand on her ass cheeks stung like crazy.

“Ow, what was … ow.”

A second and third swat followed interspersed by the deep, menacing growl of his wolf. The vibrations of that sound trembled through her body and settled straight in her clit, so that the fourth, fifth, and sixth swats didn’t hurt. They set her ass on fire, for sure, but the pain added to her arousal. Again and again those blows came, until she lifted her butt into each one, and moaned her denial when he stopped. She was dimly aware of being lifted and the feel of the stairs carpet under her knees and forearms, as Asger moved her into position as though she weighed nothing.  In this position cool air rushed across her swollen pussy lips.

“So beautiful with your red ass, and wet, sweet cunt. I want you to scream when you come against my tongue, do you hear me, kona? All the way up these stairs, and if you’re a good girl, you will get my cock. If not…”

Kim gasped and her knees buckled at the first bold swipe of Asger’s rough tongue along her exposed slit, and Asger chuckled into her swollen labia.

“We will just have to start all over again.”

Her clit quivered in need, and yet more of her juices trickled down the inside of her thighs. Asger lapped them up with an appreciative rumble, and then swatted her ass.

“Start crawling up one step, kona. I want to be comfortable for my meal of fresh cunt.

Oh, good lord. Is he going to make me crawl up these stairs with him eating me out? I’m never going to survive this.

Somehow she managed to follow that command, and several more licks of his far too talented tongue were her reward. Kim groaned and moaned as he took her up the rungs of arousal with every step they managed that way. When she slipped, his hands dug into her hips to hold her still, and seemingly satisfied with her, he renewed his efforts. Up and down her slit he lapped up her arousal. He nibbled and teased, and when he ran his tongue up to her anus and circled the tight ring of muscle, while simultaneously pushing two fingers into her wet channel, Kim did scream. Asger finger-fucked her with devastating precision, curling his digits until he found the spot designed to drive her wild with need.

Kim tensed, shook, and then exploded as her orgasm burst from her with an intensity that took her breath away, as his tongue breached her anus. With her ass up in the air, her elbows on the stairs, and his broad shoulders supporting her body she was spread obscenely wide and unable to move—completely at the mercy of this man—as he wrung every last shudder out of her. Only then did he withdraw his fingers, and swatted her butt cheeks again several times in quick succession.

“Start crawling, kona, if you want my cock. He’s mighty eager to sink into your body, but only if you do as you’re told.”


Stay naughty, folks and don’t forget to enter the Giveaway!
D xxx

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A Mutt in Disguise #FreeRead from Doris (@mamaD8) #shifter

Hello, lovely peeps, Doris here. There’s  been a fair amount of talking about free reads on the dirty birdies lately, and today it’s my turn.

Last Friday saw the release of my Free Read A Mutt in Disguise. Originally published as For the Love of Mutt by the now defunct Breathless Press, this story is very dear to my heart, for lots of personal reasons, so when it came to republishing it, I had a choice.

Charge for a story which had in effect not changed at all (barring a tidy up edit, and few teeny additions my lovely editor at Evernight suggested to make it truly shine) or offer it for free.

In the end I opted to make it free, as a thank you to all my lovely readers, and hopefully I’ll reach some new ones too.  🙂

And don’t you just love this awesome cover?




Love knows no boundaries—or does it?

When Anja is abandoned by her nightmare of a so-called boyfriend, she relies on Mutt to escort her safely home from the homeless shelter she volunteers at. Her canine friend proves to be an excellent listener. If only she could keep the wolf-like dog, but confining him to be a mere pet would be downright cruel.

When she wakes up on her own, after a night full of erotic dreams, Anja doubts her sanity. Dogs don’t change into sexy hunks…

Ethan knows he should keep his distance, especially after the night they shared. Humans can’t be trusted, but Anja smashes through all of his emotional defenses, and his wolf scents his mate.

However, Ethan is in disguise for a reason, and he needs to see this through. Will Anja accept the man he truly is, as easily as she did Mutt?

Be Warned: spanking

FREE read available from  Evernight Publishing  ARe  Bookstrand

Available on Amazon for 99 cents for now until they make it free, hopefully soon.


The blood rushed in her ears, her pussy ached, and her heartbeat galloped. What was it about him that made her react to the simplest touch with a rush of wet heat between her thighs? If he hadn’t pulled away, she would have let him take her standing up. Hell, she had been all but ready to have him balls deep inside her in Mary’s office. And since when had she been so vocal about her feelings?

And he, the blasted man, wolf, dog, whatever the fuck he was, just stood there and smiled at her again. Oh, he was affected all right. The rigid bulge in his groin and his rapid breathing were testimony enough, but she sensed that he held himself in tight control. Here she was falling to pieces and he just bloody stood there.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake say something. Or fuck me, either or, just do something.”

Ethan laughed, a big deep belly laugh that shook the floorboards and rumbled through her. Damn insufferable man. She stuck her tongue out at him and pouted.

“What does a girl have to do to get fucked around here?” She slapped her hand on her mouth in horror at what had just tumbled out of her mouth, and Ethan sobered. All traces of teasing gone, he stalked towards her with all the intensity of a predator stalking his prey. All the breath left her lungs when he grabbed her around the waist and flung her over his shoulder. The swat to her ass stung, even as he soothed the hurt away with his hand and chuckled.

“Ow! What was that for?”

He didn’t answer, just smacked her butt cheeks a few more times, each one harder than the one before, until her ass was on fire. Tingles of sensation spread to her clit, and she lay panting over his shoulder, so aroused she thought she might come on the spot if he swatted her again.

A few more long-legged strides found them in her bedroom, and the world flew by at dizzying speeds as he flung her on the bed. Before she even stopped bouncing, he was on top of her, trapping her to the bed with his sheer bulk, pinning her to the mattress, his wolf’s deep growl trembling through her. By rights she should have been terrified, but God help her, if she got any wetter she would disgrace herself, and he clearly knew that. He smiled, showing Mutt’s teeth, and sniffed her neck. His scent intensified, and she struggled underneath him—not to get away, but to get closer.

“Please … please.” She didn’t even know what she was begging for exactly, but he lifted himself off her slightly. Propped up on his elbows, he studied her, once again just a man, and her breathing hitched under his silent scrutiny.

When he finally spoke, his voice was a low, growly whisper, and she clenched her thighs as much as she could, held immobile as she was, to relieve the ache in her clit. “Please what, baby?”

He smiled and lifted one hand into her vision. As she watched in stunned fascination his nails changed into menacing claws. He traced his clawed index finger along the side of her jaw, over her lips, and along her throat. That claw traced a trail of heated awareness over her collarbone until he hooked it into the top of her jumper. With a wicked smile and a flick of his hand the fabric ripped and fell away, exposing her to his hungry gaze.

“Hmmm, black lace today, Anja? I wonder … do the bottoms match?”

Goosebumps broke out over her exposed flesh, and she shivered when he ran that claw over her breasts. Her nipples tightened and strained against the lace as he circled each. He dug in and ripped the delicate fabric there, too.

“Beautiful.” He murmured the words into her skin, and she gasped at the first touch of his rough tongue over the sensitized peaks. He rolled his tongue around her nipple and bit down slightly. The sharp pain spiraled down towards her pussy, and she gasped her arousal. He smiled against her belly as he licked a trail of need over the sensitive skin of her quivering tummy while he used one hand to keep her arms pinned above her head. The other one kneaded and pinched the previously neglected nipple. He shifted slightly, and her freed hips bucked off the bed when he cupped her mound through the fabric of her jeans. He smiled at her, and her stomach flip-flopped in delicious anticipation. He hooked one of her legs over his shoulder and lowered his head. He inhaled deeply against her still-clothed mound, and Anja shut her eyes at the myriad of sensations assaulting her.

“You’re so wet for me, baby, your jeans are stained here. Do you have any idea what a fucking turn-on that is? I want to do this slow, but heaven help me, I can’t.”



That’s all from me today.

Do stay naughty, folks!

D xxx