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Blood Moon Lynx 3
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The last thing Makenna expected when she followed the fanatical group from her village into the woods, with the intention of spying on them, was to find her mate. A blood moon lynx from the very village rumored to have caused untold trouble for her own people, no less. She should run again, as far away as possible, but she can’t. A mate is a mate, after all, and this man is hers. No doubt about it.

Stone Rockwell has kept his mate a secret in order to protect her and his friends from further trouble, until his world is turned upside down soon after mating with the captivating leopard. The reason she fled her village is more complicated than he first realized, and Makenna’s true ancestry is tied to an ancient legend. When Makenna’s life is threatened, Stone may have to lose his own to save hers.


Shivers ran up and down her spine as they ripped at each other’s clothes, stopping only to devour each other’s mouths in kisses so molten, she expected the sofa to catch on fire. As Stone tossed her shoes across the room, something fell to the floor and shattered, but Makenna didn’t bother looking around to see what it was. She was lost in the heady sensations of her mate’s hands and mouth on her body, and nothing else was allowed inside her thoughts.

“Try not to shift,” he said, sliding his tongue up one leg then the other. He stopped short of licking her pussy, which made Makenna crazy with desire.

“I can’t help it.”

“Yes, you can.”

She grasped his hair and moaned loudly when he brushed his fingers at the junctures of each thigh and the skin next to her labia. This was torture. All she wanted was his dick inside her. “Stone … please!”

A soft chuckle made her heart race. “This is the first time we’ve been completely alone for weeks. We’re taking our time, my love.”

So, it did bother him that everyone in the Benedict house could hear them. She hadn’t realized that until right now. “It’s so hard for me to wait, Stone.”

Fluttery kisses covered the insides of her thighs. His breath was so hot against her skin. Makenna’s clit throbbed now, and all he’d have to do was touch her and she’d climax. No doubt about it.

“You’re worth the wait, my love.” One quick lick up her wet slit gave her hope, but before she could do so much as moan, he moved higher and grasped her breasts. Makenna wrapped her arms and legs around him as he gently bit her nipples, covering them with licks in between the nibbles.

“I can’t get enough of you.”

“I hope you never do.”

The tender look he gave her sent fresh wetness to her pussy. “Never. You’re my life, Makenna. I will want you forever. I will love you forever.”

She pulled his face closer and kissed him, shoving her tongue into his mouth as desire spread through her body like a wildfire. His cock was so huge now, rubbing her clit each time he moved. Makenna couldn’t wait any longer. She shifted a bit further, growled deep in her throat, and turned them over so she was on top.

Strong laughter filled the space between them, and he cupped her face. “I love it when you take charge like this. You’re so damn sexy.”

“I have to have you. Now.” She rose up enough to sheath his cock with her pussy, crying out as he released her face to grasp her hips instead.

“Then have me, love. All of me.”

He moved her up and down roughly, grunting and growling as he did. Each pass massaged her clit in exactly the right way, and when her orgasm came, it was so intense Makenna wasn’t sure she could keep breathing.

Before it ended, Stone moved her off him and rolled her onto her stomach. He settled himself between her legs and bent down, licking her asshole. “I’m going to fuck you in every hole. You want me, you’ll take me. Everywhere.”

“Oh, God!” She cried out in ecstasy when he slid two fingers into her puckered hole, gently stretching the walls. Nothing they’d done so far had been this raw and dirty, but she loved it. She wanted more. She wanted everything he had to give her.

When he gently slid his cock into her asshole, Makenna could do nothing but lie there while he fucked her. Stone slipped a hand underneath and massaged her clit, prolonging her climax. “Oh, Makenna! Fucking you is unlike anything in the world!”

The orgasm crested again when he licked the wound on her neck, and now her moans turned to whimpers as wave after wave of delicious pleasure washed over her. When he finally came, she was still lost in the headiness of being completely his. She’d totally given herself to him, and nothing anyone said or did could change that.

The hell with what awaited them back in the village. They’d simply stay here for the rest of their lives

A Little Darker Romance…

Hi again, everyone! I wanted to talk today about why I’ve chosen to write dark romance for Evernight Publishing.

I’ve always had fun in my writing pushing my own boundaries and trying new things. I’m definitely not an author who writes the same book again and again, and I’m proud of that. I worry at times it might confuse readers, but that’s how my muse works, and I must follow where she leads.

unyielding-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2016-smallpreviewUNYIELDING – Tortured Love 1 – began as a much shorter work, submitted for an anthology by Evernight. It was not right for it, and in fact the editorial feedback left me wondering whether I should even try to write this sub-genre. I had a lot to learn!

But the basis of the story was something that really tugged at my heartstrings, so I rolled up my sleeves and gave it a shot, using both the editorial feedback, and other bits and pieces gleaned from fellow authors.

I wanted a story that was sexy, emotional, but that dealt with seriously flawed characters who were somehow right for each other, despite their pasts and presents. The reviews and reader feedback was so much more than I’d hoped for, and I knew I’d found one niche for my Ravenna Tate name.

Graphic designer Lynda Shelton has agreed to marry Mergers and Acquisitions legend Merrick Dalton for one reason only—to save her family’s company. She’s warned this is a marriage in name only. Merrick will never love her. That’s fine with Lynda because she has sworn off men. 

Merrick Dalton has wanted Shelton Energy for a long time, so when he’s asked to save the company, he jumps at the chance. He has vowed never to love another woman, but Merrick can give Lynda what he’s been assured she wants—material comfort and social standing. 

The one place where Merrick and Lynda connect is in bed. She has a penchant for his kinky tastes, and he stirs desire in her like she’s never known. But when their secrets surface, the reason they married turns into a dangerous game of illusions and lies.

Be Warned: spanking, anal sex, sex toys, BDSM

irrefutable-evernightpublishing-sept2016-smallpreviewThe second book in the series, IRREFUTABLE, had already come to me while I was working on UNYIELDING. This one was a bit different, and I hoped readers would enjoy it as much. This time, I pushed more boundaries and made both the hero and heroine ex-cons who become unwillingly involved in a recent jewel heist. But the conflicts involve more than that shared past. The heroine is coerced to lie to the police, pointing the finger at the hero, who in reality had nothing to do with the robbery. When he forces her back to his apartment because he wants to get to the truth, the real fun begins.

Ex-con Carolyn Lucchesi receives a shock nastier than another prison sentence when she discovers she inadvertently lied to the police. Uncle Tony had sworn to her the man in the photo taken from the video footage of a robbery at an art museum was none other than infamous ex-con and jewel thief Jagger Tyrell. But when Jagger confronts her in the park, he tells a different story. One that, if true, means her uncle lied to her and set her up for a parole violation. 

Jagger has spent nine years avoiding his former associates, and anything to do with prison or the police. When Carolyn’s lie thrusts him back into the spotlight, he uses everything at his disposal, including Carolyn’s body, to find out who is trying to frame him for a crime he did not commit, and why. But falling in love with Carolyn is not in the plans…

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, rimming, spanking

What’s next in the Tortured Love series? Plenty! I hope you’ll check out my website for updates on future books!


Writing Through The Insecurities

Hi there! It’s been WAY too long since I posted on this wonderful site. My sincere apologies.

writer_at_work_working_caution_sign_poster-ra6e68f24e0a64fe2bac7c08bae2fa138_sthp_8byvr_324Today I’d like to talk about writing through the insecurities. We’re human. Life happens. It gets in the way and not only blocks our creativity, but makes us mute as writers. Pushing through isn’t as easy as it sounds, as we all probably know.

I’ve been published for five and a half years now, and I can tell you I’ve had months where I’ve banged out two books, and months where I’ve been lucky to write half a page.

Health issues, money issues, friends in need, friends who betray you, work-related issues, computer issues, on and on and on. It’s called LIFE. But I also know if I want to succeed at this … if I want to make an actual living off this one day, I have to take it seriously. I have to make it a priority. I have to treat it like the business that it is, not like the hobby some people in my life think it is.

So how does one do that? How does one go about keeping writing in the forefront when everything around you is falling apart?

Well, the reality is that sometimes you cannot do it. Some days, it has to take a back seat. But the trick is to get back to it as soon as the initial crisis is taken care of. As soon as you can put your butt in the chair and type again, DO IT. Even if it’s only 200 words a day.

That’s 200 words a day more than you would have done had you ignored your laptop and pretended you weren’t a writer. 200 words a day times one month of steady writing equals 6,000 words, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

spiral_clock_2_by_cat_machineAnother thing I do when life seems to be more complicated than I’m ready to handle is schedule my writing. I set aside blocks of time on days I know I can fit them in, around everything else that’s going on. That way it becomes one more task on the calendar that day instead of this gigantic THING hanging out there in space, staring at me and daring me to ignore it.

And you know what? Sometimes you simply have to give yourself permission to take a break for a while. There are circumstances where writing simply won’t fit into what you need to deal with, and that’s okay. As I said up there, we’re only HUMAN.

Until next time, Happy Writing!