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Ideas, or lack thereof… #Raven Rambles (@RavenMcAllan)

Hello, folks, Raven here.

As it seems to  have been ages since I had a book out and even longer before my next one appears, I was stumped at what to chat about today.

Sometimes I have ideas coming out of my ears it seems, and other times zilch.

This is a zilch time. I’m 40k into a 75K Regency and enjoying it so much. But it’s still at the stage I’m begging my characters not to mess with my plot or my mind.

Other than that, my next book, The Lord’s Persuasion of Lady Lydia, fondly know as #TeamHarry is out on 27th of this month.



I’m now anxiously awaiting my copy edits and hoping there is not much to do.


Then November brings Fairground Attraction…


Before which I will be a quivering wreck because, yeah you’ve got it. I am waiting for copy edits for that as well.


It’s just as well I enjoy it all.


More next time when I’ll bring you an exclusive excerpt from #TeamHarry (It’s up for pre-order on Amazon, Are and Kobo if you fancy taking a chance on it.)


Happy reading,


Love Raven x


#TuesdayRavenRamble and #CoverReveal (@RavenMcAllan) #Regency #OneClick #PreOrder @UKCarina

Waves Hi Raven here. Sips coffee anyone want one?

Refills pot and shares it around.

Are you sitting comfortably? Oh good well let me start. As ever I’m rambling on…

Yesterday was an all over the place sort of day for me. Hubby had toothache over the weekend so I got out the hard stare and told him to go and get to the dentist as it opened—or else.

He did but oh so reluctantly because of course rolls eyes it didn’t hurt on Monday…

Yes well, he had treatment. Quite a lot as far as I can tell. Dare I say no wine with dinner?

Then, it was cover and title reveal day… I was so excited, I spilled coffee danced around like a dervish and scared three tourists and our resident squirrels.

Then they sent me the blurb for The Lord’s Persuasion of Lady Lydia and said go forth and share it.

Then, (sorry lots of ‘then’ in this) I was lucky enough to get a couple of my eBooks into our county library services with a couple of paperbacks to follow.

Then I found out I’d still got a stash of chocolate and a piece of gluten free Daim cake.

Then I decided to write this, drink coffee and eat the Daim cake.

So just got to show you the cover and the blurb, hope you don’t mind… But well, it would be rude not to show you how much I’ve been distracted.



Seducing the wallflower…

Over the years, Lydia Field has perfected the art of being a wallflower. It’s the only way to avoid the attention of unwanted suitors – and the perils of a convenient, loveless marriage! Instead, she dreams of the day she can leave London’s high society behind her, trading the glamorous balls and afternoon teas for a quiet life in the country.

But in an unguarded moment, she finds herself catching the eye of notorious rake ‘Handsome Harry’, Lord Birnham. Now that he’s glimpsed the wildness and fire that lurks beneath Lydia’s demure exterior, Lord Birnham will not rest until he has unleashed the full extent of her passion!

For if there’s one skill that Lord Birnham is known for, it’s the art of persuasion…


Oops bats eyelashes the Amazon link snuck in…




I have to say I’m so pleased with this cover. I was asked for some input and you know they’ve got in everything I asked for and more. It really encapsulates the story. In Love


Now I best get back to the revisions or it won’t be out in October.

Happy reading,

Love Raven x

#RavenRamblings on #NewReleases (@RavenMcAllan) AKA Red Bus Syndrome

Hi all it’s Raven here.

I often wonder why I can’t have a nice ordered everything spaced out life. Some people do, but sadly not me.

Take holidays, none for relatively ages then two close together. Oh I’m not complaining about having a holiday, I so enjoy them but that seems to be the way my life works. Don’t see my daughter for months then twice in three weeks, that sort of thing.

It’s the same with book releases, they come in a convoy, a bit like London buses. None for ages then two at once.

bus bus 2

This week is no exception. Two books out, and then as far as I can tell nothing until December (unless I get something else written PDQ.)

(a…b i g…g    a    p…until December then a

However, this week I have two books out … okay no more pics (except covers) I promise.

The Scottish Lord’s Secret Bride and The End Game. One Regency and light, one contemporary and dark. Both set in Scotland. But there the similarity ends. They even have different author names. The End Game is written under my alter ego Kera Faire. Not because I want to disassociate myself from it, nothing could be further from the truth. But because the Kera stories are darker than the Raven ones.






Secrets never stay buried for long…

Reluctant heiress Lady Morven Weston is tired of her mother interfering in her love affairs. At almost twenty-six there’s only so many more society balls she can attend before resigning herself to life as an unmarried maid.

But when Lord Fraser Napier, the man Morven ran wild with one long, hot summer, returns to Scotland, his shocking revelations change everything. Fraser never annulled their whirlwind marriage all those years ago!

Preparing to take up his ancestral seat, Fraser’s not letting go of his secret bride that easily—he needs an heir. It’s only a matter of time before Morven surrenders to Fraser’s seductive touch and finds herself in his bed…

(available from Amazon Are and Kobo)







As an undercover operative, your life is not your own and you can’t trust anyone.

Emma MacKay is only too aware of that, but it still sucks when you have to take out a friend’s fiancé, because he’s suspected of being a traitor.

Milo Dorn is more than an undercover operative. He’s one of the dispatchers, secret killers for the department.

When someone is feeding his pigs fresh meat he needs to find answers.

What he finds instead is the woman of his dreams. While the sex is mind blowing, and makes him want to throw away the rule book, he cannot forget the first rule of the game.

Trust no one.

When the truth comes out, can Milo and Emma find a way to each other, or are their jobs an obstacle to high to overcome?

The End Game is on.


(available from 22nd from Evernight Publishing Amazon Are and Bookstand)


Happy reading,


Love R x


dashes back to do edits for the book coming out in December from Totally Bound. Fairground Attraction