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Monday Ramblings from Doris (@mamaD8) A big Thank You!

Happy Monday, peeps.  Doris here. It’s great to have the site back up and working isn’t it? I know I’ve missed my fellow birdies’ posts.

Today’s post from me is all about saying thank you, so let me start by saying thanks to the lovely Lucy for all her hard work in getting us back off the ground. I’m so not tech savie, so I really appreciate Lucy sorting this, because I wouldn’t have known where to start. 🙂

Now, I’m sure you heard my squeals  of excitement over the weekend, because it was one of those, both professionally and in my personal life. You see we met the parents of my son’s lovely fiance for the first time on Saturday, and we also looked at wedding venues.

So exciting!

It was a marvellous, if exhausting day, because it meant a 3.5 hours round trip up and down the motorway, but it was so worth it, even if the whole thought of one of my brood getting married next year makes me feel way too old, lol.

I couldn’t get mobile reception, or I should say it was very patchy, so I had no idea more good news were to follow. It was only on the way home that I learned two of my books were winners in  The Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice Awards!




And my joint story with Raven McAllan 🙂


So, again, THANK YOU, Readers. I really appreciate your support.

Have a great day, and do stay naughty!

D xxx

When is it too much sex? #DorisMondayRamblings @mamaD8

Happy Monday, peeps, Doris here. I found myself pondering this question yesterday, as I reached a point in my WIP where I could have written another sex scene, or moved on with the story.

I actually asked in my reader group for their opinion because I was torn. Now, I love writing sex, so for me to consider not writing this scene was certainly something to ponder. However, and this is the crux of the matter, I didn’t feel that another sex scene was driving the story forward, and I’m a firm believer that any scene in a book, be it a sexy one or not should drive the story forward, show how the characters are changing, relate to each other and so forth.

At this point, 65 K into the story, there had been plenty of sex of the kinky side, and their Dom/sub relationship was well established. The only thing that scene would add would be another BDSM scene, and you know, there is only so many ways you can write those.

I do have visions of my readers clicking onto the next page and going, “Hey, she hasn’t written it.”  lol. However there is another, if albeit quickie, in the very next chapter. This one, I know needs to be there, as we get the final twist, before the characters can have their HEA.

I may still add that scene ^^^, or I may not. It might well be that my editor will go, “Doris, you NEED to add this.” Who knows…. but the whole thing did make me think how much is too much sex? I don’t write a story with a prerequisite number of in-out-shake-it-all-about-scenes in my mind, other than what the publisher requires of me. They evolve naturally, with the needs and emotional development of my characters’ relationship in mind.

After all, sex without emotion is just….well, it has no real place in Erotic romance, if you ask me and is the difference between Erotica and romance.

Nothing wrong with insta-lust and scratching an itch, but I like to give more in my stories, than just that, or just BDSM. They’re love stories first and foremost, and yes, usually my characters have lots of sex. After all, we’re all it like rabbits when you first get with someone, right 😉

I shall leave you to ponder that question, as to whether there can ever be too much sex in your erotic stories.

Now, I can’t leave you all without squeeing about my newest release, The Dragon in the Stone, which is an erotic twist on Beauty and the Beast. It took Drorgan and Rhonda some time into the story to get all hot and bothered with each other, but when they do….

Phew, is all I say.



Several Centuries ago Drorgan was cursed into stone. Every twenty five years he is given one night and one day to find the woman willing to accept him in both forms.

It’s the price to pay for his past behavior.

As a lost, lonely little girl Rhonda Butterbaugh was rescued by the dragon in the stone and she has never forgotten her fierce protector. It sparked her fascination with all things dragon. If only they were real. There are no such things as fairytales, however.

When she is attacked on her way home, and wakes up in a cursed magic castle, complete with a fierce dragon shifting lord, her life takes a turn for the surreal.

Determined to break the curse and rescue Drorgan and his kin, she hasn’t counted on Drorgan’s resistance.

Dragons aren’t supposed to be noble.


Available from Evernight  Amazon  Amazon UK  ARe  Bookstrand


Stay naughty, now,  folks,


D xxxx

Ménage, bear shifter style. #NewRelease from Doris O’Connor (@mamaD8)

Happy Monday, folks. Doris here with her excited bunny hop impression. I have a new book out tomorrow.

*bounces some more*

Based loosely on Goldilocks and the three bears, which happens to be one of my favourite Fairytales, and originally published as Goldie and her Bears, this story is really quite special to me. It started my love affair with bear shifters, and it was my first ménage.

I wrote the original version in a mad typing frenzy over one weekend, when those bears just wouldn’t let me rest, and you know, every bear shifter I have written since, has been the same. There is something about bears. They tend to be my raunchiest, most demanding heroes, and these three, are something else entirely.


While I loved the original story, as my writing matured, I knew I had short changed them somewhat, so when that publisher closed its doors, I knew I had to re-write Goldie. Originally this was just over 15K and written entirely in Goldie’s point of view.

After the re-writes Claimed by her Bears stands at 46K, and is now written in everyone’s viewpoint, which added another level of hotness entirely. I particularly enjoyed delving into Catalina’s head. She has some of my favourite lines in the entire story, as she keeps her brothers in line, while dealing with her own feelings for a somewhat reluctant Goldie.

I had great fun writing this story.

Well, three hot bear shifters, one spunky human….




Take one very human girl. Add three bear shifters and one BDSM club. Shake well…

When Goldie Lockwood tumbles into the arms of the new CEO, she falls head over heels in lust with the enigmatic Dom. Interested in the lifestyle she might be, but Jason Stanhope seems way out of her league.

Jason’s bear wants nothing more than to bend Goldie over his desk and claim her right there, but that wouldn’t be appropriate. This bear shifter comes as a package deal—three for the prize of one. As the oldest of triplets, his mate will also have to submit to his brother and sister.

While Goldie responds beautifully to his training, will a weekend at the club be one step too far, or can she be the sweet sub the siblings need?

Revealing their bears might very well make Goldilocks live up to her name.

Available from Evernight Publishing and all the usual online retailers September 1st.


He had originally planned to spank her insolent ass, and then fuck her over his desk, but when she hadn’t appeared, his mood had darkened. For one soul wrenchingly disappointing second he’d thought she’d run out on him, and then his bear had picked up the scent of aroused woman. He’d tracked her down to the ladies’, and just when he thought he’d have to break the door in, she had appeared, and a new plan had taken hold.

Her untutored responses to him had made the Dom in him roar, and his bear had positively strutted at them. Fucking her now was out of the question. His volatile animal was too close to the surface, and he would not be able to resist biting her. No, it was far safer for everyone involved to consummate their relationship at the safety of the club, where his bear would be easier to control in the company of Jacob and Cat.

Besides, they had to establish the ground rules, and his little Goldilocks had some homework to do, starting right now.

He spread his legs and raised an eyebrow at her when she just stood there, staring at him openmouthed.

“I’m waiting, girl. If you can’t follow a simple instruction then this ain’t gonna work out between us.” She gasped at that, and grinning he reached out and shut her mouth with his index finger under her chin. A shudder went through her when he rubbed the pad of his thumb over her kiss swollen lips, and she pouted when he withdrew again.

“Can’t you just spank me or something, and get that punishment over with, please, Sir?”
Jason threw his head back and laughed, and her pout deepened, but when he shook his head, she gave an exaggerated sigh, and slowly inched the hemline of her skirt up.

It was his turn to groan when her pretty pink pussy lips came into view. Delightfully bare, they glistened in her dew, and his bear huffed his need for a taste of the nectar between her legs.

Jason had to clear his throat to get his voice to work, and the little minx grinned at him.

“Spread your legs, girl. Give your Sir a good view.”

With a groan to match his, Goldie complied, and Jason had to rub his aching shaft through his trousers to gain some relief, as her outer lips opened to reveal the bounty therein. Her inner lips darkened in color the longer he stared at them, as the blood rushed to that area. Her engorged clit stood proudly out its hood, almost daring him to devour it with his teeth, and her pussy hole clenched and released, causing more of her juices to trickle out of it and down the inside of her thighs.

“Now, that is a pretty sight, my girl. I bet you want to come pretty badly right now, don’t you.”


He smirked at her strangled answer, and taking his phone out of his pocket got to his knees to take some candid close up shots of his girl’s cunt. Both Jacob and Cat would sure appreciate those, not to mention he would, while he imagined himself balls deep inside that pretty flesh.

“What are you doing, Sir?” Her voice wobbled, but she didn’t close her legs either, and pride surged in him. Maybe this would work out after all. Not claiming her as his was already too painful to contemplate. All three of them would just have to work really hard to make her fall in love with them so that the small matter of them shifting into grizzlies wouldn’t freak her out too much.

He had a sudden vision of her running away screaming from the club when she found out about them like her namesake in the popular fairytale. He shook his head to free it of those disturbing thoughts, and getting back to his feet showed her the last picture he’d just taken.

“Just taking a picture of what’s mine, girl.”

Goldie glanced at the screen briefly and blushed crimson.

“No need to be ashamed, Goldilocks. You have the prettiest little cunt I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait to claim it.”

The hopeful look she threw his way made him laugh, and he shook his head.

“Not today though.” He pulled the hemline of her pencil skirt down and tapped her nose.

“You can close your legs now, but remember what I said. No making yourself come, and no panties. I’ll be checking to make sure you follow that rule, and if you don’t…” He grinned at her sharp intake of breath when he swatted her ass twice.

“You won’t be able to sit that pretty behind of yours down for a week, got it?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered, and he brushed his lips over hers, drinking in the scent of his woman.

“You have some homework to do first, and when I think you’re ready, we’ll be taking that step at the club.”

Her eyes widened anew at that proclamation.

“The club?” she asked. “Not the one all the staff is dying to find out about?”

Jason tapped her nose again and stepping away, pulled out the list of websites he’d printed off for her earlier out his trouser pocket.

“The very same, baby, only, you’re looking at the new owner. Well one of them. My sister and brother own a third each.”

“There’s more of you?” Her voice rose in her astonishment, and he knew now was the perfect time to test the waters.

“Yes, we’re triplets, and…” He let his words trail off waiting for her reaction, and she didn’t disappoint.

“Triplets? I guess that makes you really close, right?” she asked, and when he just shrugged his shoulders, she wrapped her arms around herself.

“Is there a reason you’re telling me this now?” she asked, and he nodded.

“Let’s just say, we like to share—everything.”


Thanks for reading and do stay naughty, folks!