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Today is the day! 4 Year #Authorversary from Doris @mamaD8 #WinGC @evernightpub


Happy Monday, peeps. 🙂
I can hear you groan, as I’m typing this, but I’m in celebratory mood today, as exactly four years ago today, my dream of becoming a published author became a reality.

Lure of the Blood was that book, shortly followed by two others with two different publishers, who do not exist anymore. Yeah, it’s been a journey, you could say. One during which I learnt lots, made some amazing friends, and gained many loyal and lovely readers along the way.

So this is just a short, woohooo post from me, and a big Thank YOU to all of you who’ve been with me for that journey. Join me in my celebrations, and you could win a $25.00 Amazon GC. Entry via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.


Now, I can’t let a celebration go without a little plug for my next Release, now can I?

Claimed by her Viking Wolf releases November 25th with Evernight Publishing.


When historical romance writer Kimberly Talbot finds a displaced, injured Viking at her campfire, her life sure starts to get complicated. She can’t leave him there. Besides, what sort of writer would she be if she didn’t take up this splendid opportunity for some hands on research of the sexy Viking god variety?

All she has to do is keep her heart out of the firing line.

Asger, son of Liufr wakes up in a strange, cursed land, out of time, injured, and unable to shift. Drawn to the fire of the flame haired kona by her intoxicating scent and the promise of food and shelter, he has no choice but to trust the woman his wolf claims is their mate, their válað, the very key to his return home.

He doesn’t belong in these strange times, but does Kim belong in his?

A choice has to be made…


HAWT Excerpt:

Remembering a Burlesque Class she’d attended for research into a story a few years ago, she closed her eyes, and swung her hips to imaginary seductive music. Kim ran her hands slowly up underneath the hem of her blouse, exposing minute amounts of skin in slow motion, while continuing the sway of her hips.

Asger’s sharp intake of breath spurred her on. Letting go of the blouse she ran her hands over her breasts, cupping each heavy mound until she could thumb her own nipples. Shivers of delight chased across her skin, and her clit contracted in need.

A Norse curse made her open her eyes to find Asger had retreated to the stairs. Sitting down, with his legs spread wide, he watched her through hungry eyes, as he stroked his dick in slow moves mirroring the speed of her hands on her tits.

Emboldened she danced closer, slowly unbuttoning her blouse until it fell from her shoulders, and she threw it across to him. Asger caught it with a grin, and the bra that followed.

Seeing him lift the lacy contraption up to his nose and inhale deeply made Kim lose her stride. That was just so damn sexy, as was the way his cock jumped in his hand. The thick head glistened in pre-cum, and Kim licked her lips, desperate to taste him again.

A deep rumble rose from Asger’s chest. She tore her gaze away from the sight of his cock, ran it up the ridges that made up his abdomen, over the ink gracing his side and chest into the bearded column of his neck, and the proud lines of this warrior’s face up to his softly glowing eyes.

“Not that slow, kona. I want to see my cunt. I want to see it weep with its dew, ready for my tongue and my cock. I want to taste you, devour you, until your only thought is me. I want you.”

“God, yes, please, I want that, too.”

All finesse went out of the window as Kim unsnapped her jeans and yanked them down her legs, taking her sodden underwear with them. She stumbled in her haste to kick off her shoes and her jeans, and braced herself for impact. Instead of the floorboards coming to greet her, however, she found herself on the stairs draped over Asger’s knees. The first sharp slap of his hand on her ass cheeks stung like crazy.

“Ow, what was … ow.”

A second and third swat followed interspersed by the deep, menacing growl of his wolf. The vibrations of that sound trembled through her body and settled straight in her clit, so that the fourth, fifth, and sixth swats didn’t hurt. They set her ass on fire, for sure, but the pain added to her arousal. Again and again those blows came, until she lifted her butt into each one, and moaned her denial when he stopped. She was dimly aware of being lifted and the feel of the stairs carpet under her knees and forearms, as Asger moved her into position as though she weighed nothing.  In this position cool air rushed across her swollen pussy lips.

“So beautiful with your red ass, and wet, sweet cunt. I want you to scream when you come against my tongue, do you hear me, kona? All the way up these stairs, and if you’re a good girl, you will get my cock. If not…”

Kim gasped and her knees buckled at the first bold swipe of Asger’s rough tongue along her exposed slit, and Asger chuckled into her swollen labia.

“We will just have to start all over again.”

Her clit quivered in need, and yet more of her juices trickled down the inside of her thighs. Asger lapped them up with an appreciative rumble, and then swatted her ass.

“Start crawling up one step, kona. I want to be comfortable for my meal of fresh cunt.

Oh, good lord. Is he going to make me crawl up these stairs with him eating me out? I’m never going to survive this.

Somehow she managed to follow that command, and several more licks of his far too talented tongue were her reward. Kim groaned and moaned as he took her up the rungs of arousal with every step they managed that way. When she slipped, his hands dug into her hips to hold her still, and seemingly satisfied with her, he renewed his efforts. Up and down her slit he lapped up her arousal. He nibbled and teased, and when he ran his tongue up to her anus and circled the tight ring of muscle, while simultaneously pushing two fingers into her wet channel, Kim did scream. Asger finger-fucked her with devastating precision, curling his digits until he found the spot designed to drive her wild with need.

Kim tensed, shook, and then exploded as her orgasm burst from her with an intensity that took her breath away, as his tongue breached her anus. With her ass up in the air, her elbows on the stairs, and his broad shoulders supporting her body she was spread obscenely wide and unable to move—completely at the mercy of this man—as he wrung every last shudder out of her. Only then did he withdraw his fingers, and swatted her butt cheeks again several times in quick succession.

“Start crawling, kona, if you want my cock. He’s mighty eager to sink into your body, but only if you do as you’re told.”


Stay naughty, folks and don’t forget to enter the Giveaway!
D xxx

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Author Meltdowns, Divas, and Reviews, Tuesday Ramblings from Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello, lovely peeps, Doris here again.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard about the latest Author Meltdown. It started over the weekend on Goodreads, and it snowballed, like these things always do. I first became aware of the train wreck, when an author friend posted a link to the comments on a one star review, and I tell you this was me.



I’m afraid my first response was to wonder if that author had forgotten to take his meds that day. I shan’t link to it, or name him, as quite frankly I don’t want to give that sort of appalling behaviour any more publicity, but in a nutshell…

This particular author took great offence at a one star review he had received. The reviewer simply stated that she didn’t care for the writing or the book, and that it was a shame, because it had sounded promising. (I’m paraphrasing here.)

That was her opinion and she is perfectly entitled to state that. What then happened was an author melt down of epic proportions that eventually got this author’s comments deleted by Goodreads. I’m not sure if he was banned, but, to be perfectly honest, he should have been, because he turned this into a personal attack on the reviewer.

*shakes head*

No author likes to get one star reviews… Heck, I vividly recall the first one I ever received. It was on Amazon, and I cried. Yes, really. In fact it severely shook my confidence in writing, but I got over it.  And I certainly didn’t harangue that reviewer for expressing her opinion. I didn’t  agree with it  either, naturally my book was a masterpiece, and she was completely wrong in her assessment… 😉

I’m joking btw!

I’m not that self-absorbed that I would ever think there isn’t always room for improvement, and I have in fact learned from constructive negative reviews. And in my opinion, at least, it’s always good to see a range of reviews on a book. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to love your work, and even if you love  a particular author, there will be some works that you  might not like.

I know one of my favourite authors has a very succesful series, that just leaves me cold. I read the first book, persevered with the second, and then gave up, and you know there is nothing wrong in that.

Admittedly I didn’t leave her a bad review, I didn’t leave any, because it’s my personal ethos that if I can’t leave a good review, I simply won’t review the book. And to be fair, it very rarely happens,  nowadays that I even read a book that doesn’t appeal. My reading time is too precious for one 🙂

However, there are plenty of people who do leave negative  reviews and again, there’s nothing wrong in that. The world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same thing. Which brings me nicely to Diva  authors.

You know the ones… hey loook at me, don’t you know who I am, how dare you disagree with me.

Well, lovely author, I  couldn’t give two hoots about who you are that sort of attitude turns me off an author faster than milk sours in the heat.

I mean, really, as my dear old gran used to say,”Their shit smells just as much as mine does.” 😉

They’re the ones that demand a review company does not publish a review that is less than 4 stars, and rallies their street team to mark down reviews as unhelpful, when they don’t agree with what that review says

(Now, I’m not talking about abusive reviews, here. They do, of course need reporting and taking down,  because there is no call for it.)

But your ordinary, didn’t care for this book review… yeah guess what…that’s life, so get over it already.

Now don’t get me wrong, I rant as much as the next author about low reviews, one star drive bys etc, but I do that in private with my husband and my crit group and usually with a good dose of self depreciating humour thrown in. Never helps to take yourself too seriously in my humble opinion.

And I wouldn’t dream about crying to my reader group about that mean review I got. I do give out review copies and ask for honest reviews. And that’s what any author should want to receive – honesty.

I’ve heard it say that reviews are a big deal, especially on Amazon. Now, don’t ask me how that all works, but apparently you need a certain amount of  reviews for Amazon to start promoting your book for you. It means that some authors have taken to buying reviews to gain visibility.

Yeah… Okay then…. That’s not completely negating the idea behind reviews then?

*shakes head in wonder*

Where does that all leave little old me? Well, I shall carry on doing what I have been doing from the moment I signed my first contract, and that is to keep on writing. I want to tell the stories in my head, and I get a real kick out of knowing that folks out there like to read them. I have a real squee moment with every good review I get, or a comment on FB, an e-mail, etc to say they enjoyed my book, or indeed if they didn’t.

Well that’s less of a squee, and more of an Oh dear, and thank you for taking the time to let me know this one didn’t work for you moment.

I’ve learned long ago that you can’t and shouldn’t want to please everybody. It’s an impossible task, so I just concentrate on writing the best stories that I am capable of, and what will be will be.

Right, I shall stop my rambling now, but before I go here is my latest squee moment.


Panther Magic released last week. Now come on, you knew I had to get a wee pimp into this post, right?


Panther Magic
There’s no such thing as magic…

Kate doesn’t believe in it, let alone the panther sort Arran and Zeb Harris are famous for. Using animals in their act is just downright cruel. If only she could convince her libido of that. Instead she seems to have fallen head over heels in lust with those sex-on-legs twin brothers. Getting laid will cure this, surely?

When panther shifters Arran and Zeb scent their mate, they know they’ll have a fight on their hands. The delectable human morsel might be submissive, but Kate has spirit, never mind the small matter she has no idea shifters exist.

They want her submission freely given and not forced upon her by the mysterious mating bond. However, when their panthers kill while rescuing Kate, that bond might well be the only thing to keep them alive.

It’s up to Kate to save her Sirs.

Be Warned: BDSM, menage sex (MFM), anal sex, rimming

Buy Links: Evernight  Amazon  Amazon UK  ARe  Bookstrand


Stay naughty, folks, and you know, if you have read my books,  I would love a review, be that good, okay or downright ugly 😉

D xx


ps. almost forget, do enter the giveaway! 😀

To celebrate the release I’m giving away a $25 Amazon GC and two e-books from my back list. Entry via Rafflecopter.


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Vampires, why do we love them? #NewRelease from Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello, lovely, peeps. It’s been a while since I posted, but I promise I’m back to my regular schedule now. Oh no, I hear you groan. Do you have to?

Rude, I say! 😉

Today marks the release of book 4 in The Protectors series, and as it features one very yummy vampire called Dimitrius, I thought I would ponder the question why we love Vampires so much?

I’m assuming you do love them, here, and are not rolling your eyes in boredom.

I’ve written a few vamps over the years, have read even more, and while my favourite vamp, not written by me will always be Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse novels, especially in his True Blood persona, played by Alexander Skarsgard…



Excuse me while I take a moment to swoon here…

Right, where was I… oh yes, favourite vamps.

I have a new favourite, and that would be Dimitrius from today’s release. This was the yummy inspiration I had to look at while I was writing his story.



Such a hardship I tell you, as you can no doubt appreciate 😉


By the way, if anyone knows who this model is, please enlighten me!

So, what makes Dimitrius my favourite, I hear you ask. Well, he embodies everything a true vampire ought to be, in my opinion, and in no particular order, here’s why I love him, and vampires in general.

– He’s deadly and makes no excuses for that.

– He’s over two thousand years old, so has a wealth of experience and patience behind him.

– He was already an experienced man when he was turned at his request.

– He is loyal and honourable to a fault.

– His code of conduct is steeped in the ancient ways, as his maker is one of the Original Vampyrs.

– He has a delightfully dry sense of humour.

– He’s a great cook. It’s his favourite occupation to pass the time, bar fucking and killing, of course.

– He never kills without good reason, but he shows no remorse when he does.

– He’s without question a Dom, and I defy anyone to not submit to him when he drops his voice.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, when he loves someone, he does so without restraint. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to keep Eva safe, even if that could get him killed.

That little Protector is his and in his words, “I look after what’s mine.”

I would love to know what you think about vampires. Let me know in the comments, please, and don’t forget to enter my Giveaway for a $25 Amazon GC. You can find it at the bottom of this post.

I shall leave you with a HAWT and exclusive excerpt from The Vampire’s Protector… Enjoy 🙂



“I told you stay in the playroom and wait for me. Yet, here you are in my shower, nicely at my mercy. What shall I do with you, I wonder?”

He stepped away out of the endless stream of hot water, thanks to the latest boiler technology, and with a smirk in her direction shoved the dial to cold.

A screech escaped Eva, and she tried to get away from the ice cold cascade of water, but the suspension leather cuffs held tight.

“There, that should cool you off a little.”

Her eyes sparked fire at him, and she grumbled something under her breath, that he was pretty sure were far from complimentary adjectives aimed at him, and his grin deepened.

“Actions have consequences, girl. You should have stayed in the playroom.”

Her lips turned blue and goose bumps covered her skin, yet she still had that mutinous tilt to her chin that he was fast beginning to love. That thought brought him up short, and he stepped back farther to give himself some breathing space. Lust was one thing, but love? However, he was uncomfortably aware that the more time he spent in her company, the more he not only wanted to fuck her, the more he also wanted to get to know her. She was like a drug in his system. He sure hadn’t felt bored since she came along.

As if to prove his point, Eva yanked at her restraints again, and through her chattering teeth stuttered her reply.

“No–ot fa–air. I o–nly c–a–ame t–to m–a–ake m–o–o–re co–m–f–fe…”

She gave up trying to talk and growled instead. Such a deep-throated sound that his cock jerked and he knew he had to finish this one way or the other. He shut off the water, grasped her chin and kissed her. A whimper escaped her, as he ruthlessly deepened the kiss. His fangs scraped her lips, and her sweet addictive taste exploded on his taste buds. By the time he broke the kiss, her cheeks had pinked up nicely again, and her breathing came in short staccato bursts, that spoke of her arousal. The confined space filled with her musk, and she jumped when he kicked her legs apart, and ran his fingers through her wet slit.

“Hmm, so wet for me already. My naughty little subbie really does want my cock rather badly, doesn’t she?”

He brought his fingers, slick with her arousal up for her to see and licked them clean, not once taking his eyes off of her, and she licked her lips and her eyes clouded over as she tried to lean toward him.

Dimitrius laughed softly and shook his head at her.

“Oh, I don’t think you deserve it yet.”

Eva pouted and then screamed, as he turned the cold water on again.

“Please, Sir, please…”

A sigh escaped her when he turned it off and bending his head bit down hard on her breast. He didn’t take the blood in, but pulled back and having repeated the action to the other breast, stood back again to admire his handy work. Two thin trails of blood flowed from the puncture marks his fangs had made in her breast tissue, and chased the droplets of water that clung to her chilled skin.

“Such a beautiful sight, myshka.

Dropping to his knees he caught each thin trail of her life-giving fluid on his tongue before the crimson trails reached her pussy lips and when he blew across her slit and parted her labia with his thumbs, another whimper escaped her. More blood rushed to that area, and her pretty little pussy pinked further. He flicked his tongue across her clit and that little bundle of nerves contracted in front of his eyes. More of her feminine arousal coated her pussy lips and he slid two fingers knuckle deep into her cunt.

Eva murmured his name and her internal muscles tightened around his digits as he sought that little raised spot inside of her. He grinned around her clit when she jerked and swore when he made contact, and pushed her toward an orgasm that he had no intention of giving her yet.

Just before the trembles around his digit warned him of her impending release he withdrew and this time Eva did swear.

“Fuck no…please…argh nooo.”

The cold blast of water he subjected her to again, turned her outburst into a whimper, and it was only when she hung limp that he shut the water off again.

Yanking her head up by her hair, he studied her, and she flinched when he pulled harder.

“What did I say about swearing, girl?”

Tears seeped out her eyes and she looked so utterly miserable that he almost relented.

“I’m sorry, Sir. Please, just…I’m sorry.”

“Ten swats to that delectable ass should teach you a lesson,” he said, and her eyes widened when he crashed his hand down on her flesh with as much force as he could muster. It left a nice red hand print behind, and he quickly delivered the rest of the swats with just as much force. By the time he was finished, Eva was a crying, spent mess and her ass bloomed beautifully red and hot. Turning her head around, he caught her screams of pain in his mouth, while he massaged those hot globes.

Eva kissed him back with a desperate urgency and he tasted the salt of her tears, and her growing need for him. Oh yes, this had turned her on as much as it had him, and this time when he dropped back down to his knees, he wasn’t at all surprised to see her even wetter for him.

He grinned up at her from his position between her leg and she mewled like a kitten when he flung one of her legs over his shoulder. It exposed her cunt further to his hungry gaze and he allowed his fangs to scrape along the artery in her thigh.


Her words trailed off when he looked at her again.

“Shhh, my sweet. I’ll take care of you, but let me enlighten you on my favorite position to feed from. That would be right here.”




[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]

She is a Protector, sworn to kill vampires, not mate with them.

Eva Arnett is not having a good day. Not only does she prang her bike, but she is also set upon by a nest of vicious vamps, and then wakes up in an enigmatic stranger’s bed—naked and tied up. Her eagle has lost its mind. The ancient vampire cannot be her mate, but she cannot ignore this overwhelming urge to submit.

Dimitrius Zolnerovich isn’t overly fond of those pesky Protectors keeping him from his food supply. However, when he comes across Eva fighting for her life, he has to intervene. Six vamps against one woman—that’s just bad manners—even if she is a Protector.

He should keep his distance, but this experienced Dom cannot resist the gift of Eva’s submission, and besides, his myshka needs watching.

When trouble hits the village, lethal choices have to be made that may well spell the end for them both.

Available from Bookstrand now at a 10% discount

Stay naughty, folks!

D xx

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