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What’s your conscience called? #RavenRamblings @RavenMcAllan

Hi all. Welcome to a Raven rambling post on Dirty Birdies.

Yes, it is a fact. I ramble. And often end up nowhere near where I meant to be.

Hey ho. It’s interesting, if nothing else.


Now then, did you now I have a conscience called Doris?

It’s true.

My Doris conscience nags me, pushes and prods me, praises me, shouts at me, and remind me of my obligations. And boy am I glad.

You see when I’m in the throes of a W I P, I sadly tend to ignore most things. Except wine, coffee, chocolate and Dh (mainly because he won’t let me).

Yep I freely admit, I know I have blogs to do posts to post, people to chat do and very sadly washing and ironing to sort out. I kid you not, my ironing basket is not a basket. It’s a cupboard in the hall, and the doors are having a hard time shutting on the shirts in there, it’s full to bursting. And I blank them all out.

Luckily my Doris conscience doesn’t hit me over the ironing. I do it when it is necessary. (At least 5 shirts a week, and anything else with a protest and only when necessary.) If I ever get rich I’m getting someone to do it for me.

But the rest?

Oh boy do I need her.

I admit I’m not the best person when it comes to remembering blogs. I find them hard. Incredibly hard. Not just blowing my own trumpet about a release, but about talking about myself.

I can’t believe anyone one is interested about me, and what I get up to. Not really.

Luckily, my conscience does, and I trust her.

I’ll be honest I’m happy chatting about my books, and the, ‘well, I just sit and write until it’s written’ stuff, but apart from that?

I’m a growing old disgracefully bus pass holding granny, who writes Romance.


Photo on 2011-07-10 at 09.07

Looks at Doris

Okay not enough.

Let’s see.

The other day, I couldn’t get into our village as the road was flooded. Someone asked if I was okay food wise. I was. I had my favourite ‘foods’ wine, coffee and chocolate. A lovely tbr pile on my eReader, lots of old favourites on that and the shelves. I don’t have one particular favourite book, there’s too many to choose from. Ditto music though I’m a bit of an aged hippy so anything from Woodstock goes down well.

I love the sun and warmth, hate rain and cold. Snow can come for a day as long as I don’t have to go out in it, but then I want it to melt overnight. It never does.

I love travelling, can say please/thank you/may I have wine/the bill/where are the toilets please, in a fair few languages, and can’t imagine not writing.

Hows that? Doris nodded


Doris looks at me in what I can only describe as a pointed manner See a conscience niggling me. What have I forgotten?

Oh glory, yes.

This last week I have the double joy of two books now on general release. Secrets Learned, which is the 5th book in my Diomhair series set in a restored Scottish Castle


You can buy it at these lovely places:  Totally Bound  AmazonUK  Amazon

and Bombers Moon, a WW2 story set in Northamptonshire, and loosely based on takes my mum told me. I had such fun remembering all those anecdotes and putting them into a book. Not everything is true to her, but my nan and aunts snippets about them and their friends were a great help as well. There’s such a satisfying feeling when you can add even a tiny idea that if you didn’t experience yourself you knew someone who did. And it seems it wasn’t all doom and gloom in those days!



Who gets caught by the man of her dreams bare-assed and halfway up a wall? Lady Chrissie Stride, of course.

It’s just her luck that she encounters Baronet Archie Duggan. On top of that, the house her London employers requisitioned to keep its staff safe from The Blitz is locked. Climbing the wall seemed like a good idea, until Archie turns up. At least he doesn’t seem to know it’s her.

Archie recognizes Chrissie almost immediately. He never expected to meet her again in deepest Northamptonshire. This time around he is determined to claim the woman he loved and lost. With the war on, priorities change, and love is too important to conform to niceties.

Will the star-crossed lovers finally find their happily ever after?

Buy it here:  Evernight  ARe Amazon UK  Amazon  Bookstrand

I don’t make New Year resolutions, but I have vowed to me and my conscience I’ll do my best to chat more, talk about my books and not get so involved in my WIP I burn the dinner.

I haven’t vowed to do more housework.

Hey the dust bunnies would be so upset if I moved them…


Until the next time,


Happy reading,


Love R x

Growing old disgracefully #MondayShoutOut from Raven @RavenMcAllan

I’m at the stage in my life where, according to some crap I read the other day, I should evidently be slowing down. I have my bus pass, and should spend my time dozing in the chair watching soaps and knitting. (no pipe and slippers though) Oh and if I’m feeling brave, get the bus into town (using the bus pass of course) and have a wander around Marks and Spencer’s classic collection.


Phooey to that. I can’t knit, don’t watch the soaps, and if I doze in the chair I wake up with a crick in my neck. Oh and I prefer M&S food to the classic collection.


Their G-F goodies are excellent. Not the bread, but you can’t have everything.


And anyway, according to another article, one I like much better, your 60’s are the new 40’s.


I have, you see, decided that I’m not ashamed of my age. Why do so many of us when asked how old we are mutter and mumble and then say something like I hate having to answer that.


I used to be like that. Then I thought hold on. I have years of learning in me. Years where I discovered who I am, what I am and what I intend to be.

Years where I discovered I had a brain and a mind of my own. Discovered I could write, did write and became a published author. Time to accept I was not going to grow old gracefully, but more than likely disgracefully and enjoy every second.

Time to have learned (or not) from my mistakes, and accept that, and move on.

And time to accept that I’ve been lucky and got to the age I am. There’s a hell of a lot of people who, for some reason or another will never get to bus pass age.


I had a birthday a few days ago. I got the cake, the fizz and lots of pressies. And an out of tune rendition of, ‘When I’m 64’ with the words slightly changed to… ‘I will still need you, I will still feed you, now your sixty four.’


Which, he did…


The plug…


It’s a busy month for me. I have a book out with the fabulous Doris O’Connor, The Dukes’ Christmas Abductions,




and one on my own,  Holly’s Christmas Dom,


















Ohhh and book five of Diomhair, Secrets Learned goes on preorder tomorrow (15th)


R xxx