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Achieving the Achievable

I know I’m late to the party with regards to discussing new year’s resolutions and the like, but January’s crazy! Recovering from days off over Christmas and New Year, so on and so forth. However, I have had this stuff in my mind, ready to blog all about it here.

checkI haven’t made proper resolutions for a while, mainly because I never stick to them. Stupid, unachievable things like cutting down on chocolate… can’t do it! So last year, I set out some goals in terms of my writing, and I’m happy to report I achieved every one, because they were achievable. They were targeting certain editors with my stories, having a certain number of publications, etc.

I’m still quite surprised that I hit all of those self-imposed targets. 2012 was a damn good year for me, writing wise. This year, though, my goals are slightly different. Last year was about short stories, new-to-me publishers, and so on. Now, my goals are less in number, but bigger in stature.

  • Get my novel published (my final, uber-polished draft went out to its first publisher earlier this month)
  • Write another novel

These goals may seem crazy for some people, particularly those who started out writing novels, but for me, it’s big. I started out in short stories and found it difficult to make the step up to novellas, and then eventually novels. Imagine my sense of achievement when I finally completed my first novel. Compared to a short story, it took forever! But it was awesome, and even after editing, tweaking, proofing… I still loved the book, and so did my betas. So I’m hoping some editor, somewhere, will say they want to publish it. Fingers crossed!

Even if they don’t, though, I’ll still be penning another novel this year. What can I say – now I know I can do it, the ideas crowding inside my head, eager to get out must find their way into a Word document. And hopefully, get published. I can’t stop now!

P.S. In the meantime, if you want some of my smut to read, check out my latest: Loose Ends and The Military Wife.