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Raven’s got a Rollicking Regency Romance out today, and she’s happy…

Plus a bit confused. My lovely hubby has been away a lot for work lately, and it was only at 8am I realised that indeed today is Tuesday, release day and my turn to chat here.

So I’m going to hold my hand up and say that yeah, it’s a bit of self promo blow my own trumpet look this is the book type post.

Be nice to me and don’t shout. I’ve already put my hot coffee in the fridge and tried to drink out of the empty milk jug. Then put my dirty plate back in the cupboard! Yeah, I need more coffee….

Ahh now I can be a bit more coherent maybe.

So, without further ado (because I need to drink the coffee this time)

Drum roll

and because I just love this way of showing the blurb…

and a wee tease…

The door swung open and Theresa turned to him. “My lord, would you like to come in?”

He hesitated. Theresa raised one eyebrow. Not so effective as when he did it, she was sure, but her best effort. However, he grinned, kissed her cheek, drew back and nodded. “I needed that.”

He did? “Why?” She was genuinely perplexed. It was the briefest touch, over almost before it began, and in full view of any passerby.

Jamie shrugged. “Do I need a reason?”

It was her turn to nod. “I rather think you do.”

“I crave your touch,” he said.

His diffidence was hitherto unknown to her, and it appealed more than perhaps it should.

“Which,” he continued, “is not easy to admit.” He lifted his hand toward her and let it drop by his side again. “It is, at the risk of sounding big-headed, usually the other way around.”

Out of the corner of her eye Theresa saw Roberts, her major-domo, beam and look benevolent before he tactfully turned his head. However discrete Jamie tried to be, someone would always notice. They were in luck that this time it was Roberts, who was in agreement the rest of her staff in hoping more would come of this alleged liaison.

“Crave, thirst for, covet…” Jamie sighed. “Lust after. However, I’m sure one touch would not be enough. You’re in my blood.”

Craving wasn’t good enough but it was a start. Even so, she dipped her head and spoke in a whisper. “And you mine.”




and on that note, I”m back to my coffee,

happy reading whatever it is (but I do hope it’s this book 😉 )

Love, Raven x

Food, fizz and fun. With a thank you.

I’m writing this after eating way too much food and drinking way too much fizz. But I am feeling thankful. (and a lot of it is down to you, dear readers)

Thankful I got the chance to do that. To spend the day with family, to be spoiled rotten and to just enjoy every moment

Thankful I can write and do so, and you read some of it.

I’ve been a bit dilatory lately. I won’t say lazy, because I’ve been busy, but not busy writing. It’s had to take a back seat.

Now though after a welcome relax I’m raring to go again. As ever I have a couple of stories on the go and depending on who shouts loudest, they will get my attention when I get the chance to start writing again in earnest.

Of course the best laid plan and all that.

I got a lovely shiny new lap top for Christmas. But what with family and everything else that goes on, plus the goodness knows how many hours it too to transfer everything, this is me just able to get anything written at all.

However, I really wanted to come on here today to say thank you.

Thank you for reading these posts. For commenting, for reading my books and for your general support of all of us who strive to write the best we can, to entertain you.

I won’t say without you we wouldn’t write because to be honest I don’t think that is possible, most writers just have to write. What I will say, us knowing you read our books, and hopefully enjoy them is what makes it even more worth while.

I hope you have enjoyed and are still enjoying whatever you celebrate.

See you all the other side of the bells,

Happy reading,

Love Raven (and my alter ego Kera)

Ideas, or lack thereof… #Raven Rambles (@RavenMcAllan)

Hello, folks, Raven here.

As it seems to  have been ages since I had a book out and even longer before my next one appears, I was stumped at what to chat about today.

Sometimes I have ideas coming out of my ears it seems, and other times zilch.

This is a zilch time. I’m 40k into a 75K Regency and enjoying it so much. But it’s still at the stage I’m begging my characters not to mess with my plot or my mind.

Other than that, my next book, The Lord’s Persuasion of Lady Lydia, fondly know as #TeamHarry is out on 27th of this month.



I’m now anxiously awaiting my copy edits and hoping there is not much to do.


Then November brings Fairground Attraction…


Before which I will be a quivering wreck because, yeah you’ve got it. I am waiting for copy edits for that as well.


It’s just as well I enjoy it all.


More next time when I’ll bring you an exclusive excerpt from #TeamHarry (It’s up for pre-order on Amazon, Are and Kobo if you fancy taking a chance on it.)


Happy reading,


Love Raven x