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Ever have too much of a good thing? #TinaDonahueBooks #Romance

We’ve all been there – indulging to excess when we shouldn’t. Whether it’s at a holiday feast, enjoying too many beers during a sports event, or partying a bit too hearty on the weekend. Wherever the extreme takes us, we start to regret it.

With that in mind, I wondered what it would be like to lust. I mean, way past the normal sense where you see a hot guy and think – damn, I want him. But to yearn constantly and endlessly without letup.

That’s the theme of my newest release The Yearning – carnal lust to the nth degree because of a curse.

I’ll let the blurb, excerpt, and teasers speak for themselves.


Book One – The Wanderers – Erotic Paranormal – October 24


Series Blurb:

The Wanderers – secretive, nomadic, steeped in the occult.

Beware the Wanderer who lusts. There is no freedom from their boundless carnal hunger. Hiding within plain sight, they walk among the unsuspecting, prepared to pounce. Only those with paranormal powers have a chance against evil so old and ruthless few have escaped its destructive end.

The Yearning Blurb:

To break this curse, they’ll have to turn the heat up. Way up.


Jasmine Dante prowls Key West’s nightlife, fighting a losing battle against a jealous rival’s curse that forces her to seek carnal pleasure, no matter the danger. Weakened from lack of sleep, driven by insatiable lust, she spots a man who stirs her desperate craving, and begins yet another dance of seduction.


Except the dark stranger who returns her direct stare is no ordinary lover. Inside his powerful body lies a raw sexuality that just might be enough to break her curse. There’s only one way to find out: imprison him in her bed and feed on his passion.


Former Deputy U.S. Marshal Mike Stearn is many things, but he’s no woman’s sex slave. The deadly telekinetic power he ruthlessly suppresses comes alive again at Jasmine’s touch. Beneath her bold, potent sensuality he senses vulnerability and desperation. He may be in handcuffs, but she’s the one who’s enslaved.


As Mike resurrects his power to free himself so he can find the curse’s source and defeat it, Jasmine revels in his masterful rule. Her ravenous yearning evolves into rapture as she surrenders to his hunger, her darkest needs—and the emotional connection that lies beyond. Unless the curse takes her life first…


You will want as I want. You will know insatiable lust, but no peace.

~Desiree Zazou

The curse drew Jasmine to this man as the road to hell seduces a born sinner. She walked in time to the music’s sensual beats. Inwardly, a part of her cowered. For him and what would soon come, she offered a welcoming smile.

He returned her greeting easily and took in her black halter dress. Its low-cut top and short skirt tantalized.

“Hi.” Her voice seemed throatier than she recalled, nothing like the woman she’d been. She leaned close so he could hear her above the band and caught his clean, soapy scent. Her thoughts derailed. She fought her compulsion to cup his face and brush her lips over his. “Mind if I join you?”

His gaze lifted from her black high-heel slides. Unashamed interest flickered across his face. “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.” He pushed to his feet.

She raised her face. Though she was tall like her father, her height was no match for his. He had to be six-three. Anticipation rippled in her belly. “In that case, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.”

“I doubt you will.”

His baritone soothed and enticed.

Her legs went watery. She sank to a stool and tried to hide her arousal. If he guessed what she had to have, he might grow wary and leave.

The band ended their set.

Still looking forlorn, the singer caressed her microphone. “We’ll be back in a few.”

Groans and protests rose from the crowd.

He ignored them and regarded Jasmine. “Thanks for the drink. What are you having?” He motioned for the bartender.

“Just a sip of your beer, if you don’t mind.” She couldn’t risk losing control by drinking. “I’m watching my weight.”

“False alarm.” He waved off the bartender and gave Jasmine his brew. “No, you’re not.”

She gripped the bottle. “What?”

“You don’t have to watch your weight.” He settled on his stool and studied her. “You’re fine just as you are.”

The old Jasmine flushed in delight and embarrassment. The woman she’d become gave him a feline smile. “If you say so.”

“What’s your name?”

The question rattled her when it shouldn’t have. She struggled to remember the fake one she and her sisters had concocted but came up with nothing except Jane Doe or Mary Smith, generic and unbelievable choices.

He waited.

Her cheeks burned. Never a good liar, she caved. “Jasmine Dante.” She offered her hand. “And you are?”

“Happy to make your acquaintance, Jasmine.” A roguish grin crinkled his eyes, mellowing his features. His large hand covered and warmed hers.

She liked his effortless confidence and calm strength. It recalled her father’s behavior with her mother.

He squeezed her fingers.

The small intimacy reached her soul, leaving her breathless and lighthearted. “So, do you go by Happy or do you prefer the more formal Make Your Acquaintance?”

He chuckled and released her hand. “Call me Mike.”

“Ah, a nickname. I like that; Mike…?” She sipped his brew, giving him time to add his last name and more.

He didn’t.

Unease seeped through her previous comfort. Travis had offered nothing except that he owned a body-piercing shop. He hadn’t confided his violent past. No matter her attraction to Mike or her cruel need, Jasmine couldn’t take another gamble on her safety. She had to find out about him, but how?

Perfumed flesh and liquor scents thickened the air. Animated chatter created a din near the tables. Someone laughed too loud. A woman squealed.

Jasmine gave him the bottle. “Are you a musician?”

He enjoyed a sip and shook his head. “Never came close, not even in high school when it’s more or less required to be considered cool.” He appeared amused. “Why would you think I played?”

“You haven’t noticed anything except the band. Is that why you’re here tonight?”

“I like their sound. What brings you here?”

“I thought going out tonight might be fun.”

A deeper smile tugged at his rich mouth. “It might be. So, tell me about yourself, Jasmine.”

Again, he’d taken command of their conversation, as a cop would. He acted like one, never answering a question. However, his long hair didn’t fit with the occupation, unless he worked undercover in vice. “You first. I insist.”

“Why?” He glanced at her breasts. “I’m not half as interesting as you.”

“Let me be the judge. Please.”

Something flickered in his eyes. Confusion? Fascination? He put the bottle on the bar. “My name’s Mike Stearn. I spend my days in front of a computer.”

Jasmine fought to hide her surprise. Of all the jobs she might have given him, none would have called for using a PC full-time. He didn’t look like a programmer or an Xbox junkie. “You’re a novelist?”

He laughed, an easy, rumbling sound. “I swear I don’t have a creative bone in my body.”

She smiled. “Then that leaves being a hacker. You’re a computer bad boy?”

His laughter wound down. He rested his arm on the bar. “Hardly. I’m an outside consultant for various federal and state agencies.”

That could include law enforcement. Her throat tightened. Not wanting to grill him too obviously, she wagged her finger. “Please tell me the IRS isn’t included in your work.”

“You cheat on your taxes?”

She gave herself to men she didn’t know to relieve her oppressive hunger, which put her in danger. Tonight’s plan was supposed to end that. “No, but if you could divulge a few tips on how I might get away with it, I’d be forever in your debt.”

“Sorry.” He ran his thumb over his mouth to tame his smile. “I have no affiliation with the IRS.”


His expression gave nothing away.

Anxious, she threw out guesses. “CIA?” No response. “DOD?” He didn’t even blink. “FHA?” He regarded her with increasing amusement. She played into it. “MTV? DVD? JD? CD—”

“Enough.” He put up his hand. His shoulders shook with laughter. “Before you go through every acronym you know, I will tell you this much—I used to be with the U.S. Marshals Service, all right?”

Jasmine nodded but worried his consulting work required him to carry a gun. That would play havoc with tonight’s plan.

She took him in. No weapon bulged beneath his shirt or by his jeans’ waistband.

A scar ran near his tattoo. The puckered pink skin looked frail and vulnerable on his sinewy arm. She touched the uneven surface. His muscle jumped. Compassion, rather than an indecent urge, weakened her. “Is this from a bullet? Did someone try to kill you? Is that why you left the Marshals Service and went into consulting?”

His features clouded, cautioning her not to pursue the subject. He grabbed the Dos Equis and finished a fourth.

Her spirits sank. Her need grew. She feared he’d leave because of her foolish questions.

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What if supernatural creatures needed makeovers too? #TinaDonahueBooks #ParanormalRomance

As a writer, the ‘what ifs’ in life are what get my creative juices flowing. In one instance, I was in a department store and several women were getting slathered with cosmetics for an in-store makeover session. My mind jumped from how awful it is that our culture makes women and men feel unworthy in order to sell cosmetics, gym memberships, hair restoration, and what-not, to what if supernatural creatures had to go through the same stuff as mere mortals?

Thus my Taming the Beast series was born. Freeing the Beast book one is available for preorder – ready to read October 17. Here’s the cover art, series blurb, book one blurb, excerpt and teasers. Hope they make you smile as they did with me.

Erotic Paranormal – Romantic Comedy



Series blurb:

Magic has never been as sexy or as fun. In New Orleans’ French Quarter From Crud to Stud is the makeover service for supernatural beings who want to tame their beasts so they can date mortal babes. Owned by a half-witch and staffed by a good fairy, a reformed female demon, and a voodoo priestess—among others—the place is always hopping. There’s moonlight therapy for weres, aversion therapy to keep vamps from sinking their fangs in anyone’s neck, and no end of spells, potions, and treatments. These ladies definitely put the boys through their paces. But it’s not all work as they search for their one true love. Their journeys aren’t easy, but they’re definitely magical.

Freeing the Beast blurb:

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

For Becca Salt being a witch isn’t all magic. Too curvy and lonely, she spends her nights running a makeover service for demons, vamps, weres and zombies who want to project a more human, normal side. Their goal? To get the babes without the authorities hunting them down like rabid dogs. Once Becca suppresses the worst of their beast, they’re on the hunt and gone.

Dating has been a definite bitch for Eric Diletto. Although he’s hot and hung, he’s also one of Cupid’s descendants—a god born to believe in courtship, courtesy and all that other junk. Tired of women dumping him for the bad boys, Eric hires Becca to release his inner beast. Grrrr.

Two potions later, they’re crawling all over each other. With Eric’s newfound dominance, he’s definitely the man. And the god, who intends to take Becca here, there and everywhere. Who said sorcery and love wasn’t fun?

Warning—a witchdoctor’s nightmare. Contains potions with weird side effects, a sorceress with limited magical skills and a yearning heart, plus a minor god who wants to get down and dirty. Bad, bad boy.


“You’re going to do my treatments in here?” There wasn’t any equipment around or things one might use for magic, like chicken feet, wands and other stuff.

“Before we begin, you need to read this.” She slid the papers she’d been reading across the desk to him.

He grabbed a chair and sat. “Is that the process?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It’s the contract you have to sign or nothing, and I do mean nothing, happens.”

Jesus, she was hardcore today. As a rule, business owners were that way with people who didn’t want their services, not ones who did. He bounced the inch-thick papers on his palm to test their weight. “I’m guessing this sucker weighs a pound. Am I right?”

She drummed her fingertips on her naked belly. Tiny silver stars cascaded from her navel. Each time she breathed, the jewelry caught the light.

He wanted to kiss the baubles and her dewy flesh.

She wore the same basic outfit she had when they had first met—flowy pants and a top that tied beneath her breasts, only these were in sapphire blue. The same shade as her eyes. Her makeup was no less dramatic than the last time—crimson lipstick that made her mouth undeniably kissable and black stuff surrounding her lids.

What a babe. Too bad she wasn’t into him. Maybe with the junk she came up with to bring out his beast, she would be. “Is your service usually this complicated?” He lifted the papers and hoped she wasn’t using them to run him off.

“The contract is simply full disclosure to help you understand the process. So you’re completely protected.”

A Wall Street hedge fund manager couldn’t have sounded as evasive. “Protected against what?”

Her face paled. She gestured to the papers he held. “It’s all in there. Go on, read it.”

“That could take days.”

She glanced to the right, the left and past him. When she’d run out of places to look, she dragged her attention back to his face. “Most of it’s standard legal junk. I’ve highlighted the important parts.”

“The ones that will release my inner beast.”

“In a manner of speaking.”

That again. She sounded far less confident than Eric would have liked or expected. He dropped the contract on her desk. The draft it created sent other papers floating to the edge.

Becca caught them before they fell to the floor. Her top gapped, exposing her lacy black bra. He gripped his chair and leaned up, rubbernecking.

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What are your fave movie kisses? #TinaDonahueBooks #Romance #EroticRomance

There’s something about the verbal foreplay and longing looks resulting in a kiss that makes my blood sing. Getting that passion on the page is so freaking hard when movies make it seem so easy. There’s the music, the lighting, the slightly blurred backgrounds, the CGI adding to the magic. Plus really good looking people.
Unfortunately, all an author has is words. Sometimes that doesn’t quite cut it on SM where pictures are definitely worth a thousand words.
Recently, Entangled Publishing had a FB party for its Scorched authors. The theme was fave movie kisses. These are the ones I came up with to celebrate the release of  Wicked Takeover, book one in my Wicked Brand series.
1. SWEET KISSES – Aw, they don’t get better than Lady and the Tramp.
This scene is so cute and says so much with the shy look Lady gives the Tramp and the roguish sparkle in his eyes. Ah, romance. My first taste of an Alpha male.


2. SOULFUL KISSES – Hmm – this scene in Ghost makes my legs weak. I love the slow burn in a story. Soulful gazes, an unexpected touch… The world stops, colors and sounds fade.

In Wicked Takeover, Dante and Lauren’s first kiss begins
when she tells him he can’t date the clients at the tattoo parlor she owns. She wants him so much and can’t stand seeing him with other women. He knows she’s burning as badly for him as he is for her, so he does what any red-blooded guy would do – he corners her against the wall and asks her who she would like him to date?
I’ll let them tell the rest…
She glanced to the side, her face pensive, the way a person looks when determining what to say or do.
Dante didn’t move. Hell, he didn’t even breathe.
Lauren regarded him.
He waited.
On a longing sigh, she ran her fingers through his hair and brought his mouth down to hers.


3, THE CLASSIC KISSES – no one has to tell them how to do it.
They wrote the freaking book.

What I like most about this scene in Casablanca is the way Bogart and Bergman drink each other in before kissing. There’s no rush. No ‘bam, bam, thank you ma’am.’ That wasn’t allowed way back when. Writers and directors had to capitalize on passion, two hearts and souls touching each other, fulfilling their need to be one. Wow.


4. THE MOST ADVENTUROUS KISSES – LOL, gotta try this one

Who else but Spiderman and his lady love would come up with something like this? Every time I see this scene their kiss makes me smile. My romances have humor in them. I love a guy with a wicked sense of fun and who loves adventure. Like what Dante and Lauren do on a carousel in Wicked Takeover. I’m still grinning about that one.


5.  PASSION RULES KISSES – get me a fan and a cold drink

I love this scene from Fifty Shades of Grey! You know he’s dying for her, no matter what he says or how he acts. She brought him to
his knees. All I can say is, “You go, girl!” Teach that man what you want.


Book one – Wicked Brand
She’s just inherited a tattoo parlor…and the hunk who comes with it.
Lauren’s in a helluva mess. Not only has she lost her corporate HR job, she’s just inherited Wicked Brand, a struggling West Palm Beach tattoo parlor…along with the virile dude who runs it. Lauren’s full-figured, sorta pretty, and wanting him badly. Dream on. She’s here to sell the place as quickly as possible for some much-needed cash and score a new position in the corporate world.
Dante’s sinfully hot with a killer smile and beautifully inked biceps. He sees the heat in Lauren’s eyes despite her conservative appearance, recognizing the dynamite woman she could be if she’d just loosen up and have some wicked fun. Dominance and submission. Making love in a public place. Having her lush body always accessible to and ready for his.
Unwilling and unable to keep their hands to themselves, Lauren and Dante turn to carnal games and seduction. Until lust turns to surprising need and friendship to something deeper that might just change their futures.
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