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Raven wonders why?

Why what did I hear you mutter? Why I let myself get sidetracked. Why I worry over things I can’t change, why I hate cheese, why other people’s opinions matter when they are irrelevant… (Not when they are, those I just accept) Why some ‘H’s’ are silent, and some are not. And why my muse jumps about like a demented gnat.

I don’t have the answers to any of that, not really.But I do have the ability to cope.

I think.

Which is why, in the last couple of of weeks I’ve had a Regency published, (The Earl and the Courtesan, the first book in a new series; Daring Ladies, via Totally Bound)…




A contemporary shifter story (Cat with the Blue Eyes, the first book in a new series, The Cats of Craig Mhor, from Evernight Publishing.

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Am waiting on edits for a darker, BDSM romance, set in Hong Kong in a monsoon (In his Hands, also with Evernight)

Plus waiting on edits for a YA series The Shalean Moon, (shape-shifting teens in Scotland) that is being republished later on this year with Opal Moon Press, part of After Glows Publishing

Oh and also waiting on a submission, and eager to get stuck into suggestions given to me to add in a M/s before I sub it all.

Not a lot?

Now you know why I said why I wonder why I let myself get side tracked etcetera. Oh, it will all get done in one way or another…

I hope,

Happy reading,

love Raven x


Raven’s got a Rollicking Regency Romance out today, and she’s happy…

Plus a bit confused. My lovely hubby has been away a lot for work lately, and it was only at 8am I realised that indeed today is Tuesday, release day and my turn to chat here.

So I’m going to hold my hand up and say that yeah, it’s a bit of self promo blow my own trumpet look this is the book type post.

Be nice to me and don’t shout. I’ve already put my hot coffee in the fridge and tried to drink out of the empty milk jug. Then put my dirty plate back in the cupboard! Yeah, I need more coffee….

Ahh now I can be a bit more coherent maybe.

So, without further ado (because I need to drink the coffee this time)

Drum roll

and because I just love this way of showing the blurb…

and a wee tease…

The door swung open and Theresa turned to him. “My lord, would you like to come in?”

He hesitated. Theresa raised one eyebrow. Not so effective as when he did it, she was sure, but her best effort. However, he grinned, kissed her cheek, drew back and nodded. “I needed that.”

He did? “Why?” She was genuinely perplexed. It was the briefest touch, over almost before it began, and in full view of any passerby.

Jamie shrugged. “Do I need a reason?”

It was her turn to nod. “I rather think you do.”

“I crave your touch,” he said.

His diffidence was hitherto unknown to her, and it appealed more than perhaps it should.

“Which,” he continued, “is not easy to admit.” He lifted his hand toward her and let it drop by his side again. “It is, at the risk of sounding big-headed, usually the other way around.”

Out of the corner of her eye Theresa saw Roberts, her major-domo, beam and look benevolent before he tactfully turned his head. However discrete Jamie tried to be, someone would always notice. They were in luck that this time it was Roberts, who was in agreement the rest of her staff in hoping more would come of this alleged liaison.

“Crave, thirst for, covet…” Jamie sighed. “Lust after. However, I’m sure one touch would not be enough. You’re in my blood.”

Craving wasn’t good enough but it was a start. Even so, she dipped her head and spoke in a whisper. “And you mine.”




and on that note, I”m back to my coffee,

happy reading whatever it is (but I do hope it’s this book 😉 )

Love, Raven x

Raven rambles on Regency

So…well fancy that. I’m today’s Dirty Birdie, and I’ve had a shower.

(source pinterest)

Sadly I don’t look that good, but I am as clean. Not one iota of muck on me.

Hmm, will that make things difficult?

I hope not.

After all, I have one sort of saucy Regency romance on early download now. That means you can get it from the publisher’s website.

I’m talking about my first ever Regency with Totally Bound, The Earl and the Courtesan.

I’m in love with this story, and yeah in love with TB for taking a risk on Regency and me.

I have no idea if it works, but oh boy I hope so. Apart from anything else, The Earl and The Courtesan is the first book in a new Regency series. Daring Ladies.

A club for unconventional females?

Never! The ton would be scandalized. However, that didn’t matter to the members. They weren’t ton material.

As for scandal? It was their middle name.

Of course it won’t be easy, nothing important ever is, and the results could be catastrophic.

However, for Theresa, Celine, Penelope and Maria—the courtesan, the dancer, the spinster and the milliner, it’s worth the risk.

After all, why settle for boring, mundane and downtrodden when you could have excitement, invigoration, and even though you didn’t know it, the man of your dreams.

This therefore is Theresa’s dilemma.


Once a courtesan, not always a courtesan

Time to move on.

Who better to do it with than a rake?


Theresa Kyle, ex-courtesan, will not kowtow to any man in marriage, let alone an odious ex-pupil. When the man rejects her refusal of his proposal, she reluctantly agrees to seek help.

Jamie, the Earl of Weston, is in a fix of his own. The marriage mart is not for him, let alone a compulsory wedding due to the machinations of his mother.

A mutual friend seems to have the perfect solution, The earl and the courtesan—what better way to foil those who want to see them married against their wills?

Alas, the best-laid plans go awry, for neither had expected to fall in love. However, as far as Jamie is concerned, being a member of the aristocracy comes in handy when you need to bend the rules to your will. Convincing Theresa, however, may well be harder than winning over the ton.


The Earl and the Courtesan is on general release on June 13th,

and it is up for preorder on Amazon… here,

But can be downloaded now from Totally Bound, and you can preorder the paperback as well.

And on that note, I’m back to Regency land and research. With coffee

Love Raven xx