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Edits and thoughts, from Raven

Well, it’s me, Raven here today.

And to be honest I was a bit stumped about what to write. Whats going on?

I’m busy with edits, and although I have a book out on 25th, (The Cleaner the last book in the Death Isle series by one of my alter ego’s Kera Faire. Dark romance with a twist, some humour and a HEA I hope.) Plus a YA out on 28th. (Discovered, book one in updated and added to The Shalean Moon series by J Lilley. She’s me as well.) That’s not this week though.

This week it’s edits. Regency, dark romance, YA…you name it, I seem to have edits for it.

Not that I mind. Edits are there to make my story error free (ish) more appealing, and shout to you, ‘read me…’

Now lets hope they do.

I’m not pimping really. Although Discovered is up for pre order on Amazon, The Cleaner, and the Regency (The Duke’s Temptation, out in October) aren’t.

So on that note, I’m going to leave you. Go back to my edits, ponder over my crazy typos, (what a romantic vice he had… which from was he form…who shot the door…to name but a few) and hope my next books are a success.

Oh and next time I might just pimp them to high heaven.

Happy reading,

Love Raven x

Who is now biting her nails for the next couple of weeks.

Raven on Hong Kong happiness

On Hong Kong


Apart from it is one of my favourite places in the world, a vibrant city, with fantastic shops, park, monuments and yes, beaches?

It’s somewhere I can wander by myself when hubby is at work. Where I grab a bottle of water and maybe a salad from a food department of a certain well known department store, check my map, make sure I have money on my Oyster card and head out to do whatever I want. Be it take the tram to Causeway Bay and then sit in Victoria Park, or wander through tiny streets and be accosted by suit makers, fake handbag or watch sellers. Sit on the harbour front and watch the Star Ferry, or read a book in Kowloon Park.

Or when hubby is around and we are feeling energetic, take the fast ferry to Lantau and ‘walk the island. From one port to another, up and over the hill with the reward of spectacular views (ignore the cement works) and a chilled glass of whatever hits the spot at the other end

There’s so much to do.

Which is why, I suppose I set my story, Hong Kong Heat there. (The title is a bit of a giveaway.) As I wrote it, I could visualise my hero and heroine, imagine where they were and think….would it be possible to do that there? And also say categorically, that yes a certain type of five star hotel with light cooking facilities does exist. I know, I’ve stayed in one. Or yes it is possible to walk around Central and not get wet. Or whatever.

My next book out is also set in Hong Kong. This time in a typhoon. When the rain is so heavy, the locals call it Black Rain, and the weather so wild all public transport stops and businesses close. Which gives my hero and heroine plenty of time to get to know each other, in more ways than one.

It’s called….In his Hands. The story of Patrick and Caness and whether or not they are suited to be Master and sub. It will be out from Evernight Publishing soon.

I’ve told hubby I need to go back to Hong Kong again, Just to make sure I’ve got everything correct. And to help me plot my next story there.

Not just because of signs like this

Happy reading

Love Raven x

Raven wonders why?

Why what did I hear you mutter? Why I let myself get sidetracked. Why I worry over things I can’t change, why I hate cheese, why other people’s opinions matter when they are irrelevant… (Not when they are, those I just accept) Why some ‘H’s’ are silent, and some are not. And why my muse jumps about like a demented gnat.

I don’t have the answers to any of that, not really.But I do have the ability to cope.

I think.

Which is why, in the last couple of of weeks I’ve had a Regency published, (The Earl and the Courtesan, the first book in a new series; Daring Ladies, via Totally Bound)…




A contemporary shifter story (Cat with the Blue Eyes, the first book in a new series, The Cats of Craig Mhor, from Evernight Publishing.

amazon uk


Am waiting on edits for a darker, BDSM romance, set in Hong Kong in a monsoon (In his Hands, also with Evernight)

Plus waiting on edits for a YA series The Shalean Moon, (shape-shifting teens in Scotland) that is being republished later on this year with Opal Moon Press, part of After Glows Publishing

Oh and also waiting on a submission, and eager to get stuck into suggestions given to me to add in a M/s before I sub it all.

Not a lot?

Now you know why I said why I wonder why I let myself get side tracked etcetera. Oh, it will all get done in one way or another…

I hope,

Happy reading,

love Raven x