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The moment you can stroke your cover

No, It’s not happened yet but it will in a couple of days.

The Furnace Man, one of my Death Isle stories written by my alter ego Kera Faire is now out in paperback as well as eBook. I am all over excited.

That one on the top. It’s weird because I adore eBooks. I love how i can take however many books I want on holiday all in something less than the size of a paperback and have room for clothes in my suitcase.  I appreciate the way I don’t get sore wrists when I’m reading a long book. I’m all over thankful i can increase the size of the font when my eyes are tired.

But… yep I do like to stroke a cover and smell that lovely new paper smell of a physical book.

And if it is one of my own stories under the shiny cover… Oh my… Time to dance.

so if you fancy meeting the Furnace Man in paperback. Here’s a couple of options (createspace) (Amazon)

Happy reading whatever it is,

Love Raven xx


When your covers never cease to surprise and amaze you. <3

Recently I had the last book in my Death Isle series (written as Kera Faire, my dark side) accepted by Evernight Publishing.

Called The Carpenter, it’s the story of Maddock and Mason. Both of whom have secrets. I’m hoping it rounds the series off nicely.

Of course never say never wink

I’m now inbox refreshing for edits and of course the cover. This series covers designed by Jay Aheer for Simply Defined Art are brilliant. My best Evernight covers ever.


I don’t know if it matters to you, but I do enjoy a good cover that hints and teases about the story it portrays.

These do. In spades.

Take them individually and then from one to the next. You see the way the follow each other, like the soft swell of the Loch the books are set on.        


and then…

I just can’t wait to see The Carpenter cover… Watch this space,

Happy reading,

love Raven x


Welcome to my dark side. Raven chats about Kera Faire and her next book The Furnace Man

Hi and welcome to Raven’s Dirty Birdie musings.

I’m a bit distracted today, I’ve run out of milk (again) can’t find the car keys and I’m get excited for tomorrow’s release of The Furnace Man, by my dark side, Kera Faire.

That apart all is well in RavenWood. Except the lack of milk. I really don’t like black coffee. Now if I could find my car keys I could go to the shop and buy the milk, and then have a coffee. Which would no doubt make me more coherent and mean I didn’t have to keep sorting typos, known to my friends as Ravenfingers.

However, I’m here to yee haa and celebrate my forthcoming release. Sometimes it does you good to unleash your dark aide.

As the blurb says…

Don’t piss off the furnace man.

It might be a standing joke around the glass factory— he’ll mix you with the sand and burn you, leaving nothing left to discover—but Lindsey Earnshaw is about to find out the truth behind it.

Placed there to spy on the place on behalf of the government, a warning message brings forth not only a dead body, but also the one man she’s never forgotten.

Michael Hoult cannot believe his eyes, when his ex-wife turns out to be the receptionist on duty. Having to drug her in order to not blow his cover will not earn him her renewed submission, neither will whisking her away to the Death Isle.

Duty first, though. It cost him his marriage all those years ago, but with Lindsey now working for the same side, can they not only catch a killer, but also rediscover each other?

And a wee tease…

“Pet, you need to listen carefully.” The hand on her ass was hard, stinging, and she welcomed the pain. “I’m going to fuck you deep and fast. From behind, and enjoy watching those luscious red cheeks move for me. Five more on each side I think, to make them glow. Count for me pet. Color?”

“Green, oh god, ahhh…” The spanks rained down on her bottom and she arched into them, embracing the sensation of being wanted by her Sir.

Lindsey moaned and counted the strikes. By the tenth she was floating. As he entered her, and his balls slapped against her she pushed back, to help him get even further inside her. To connect with him. To be his pet. His sub. His. Only his.

Her boobs swayed and he reached around and pinched one nipple hard.

“Next time I’m putting clamps and a chain on. Watch your tits sway and feel you come alive to that pain.” His breath grew harsh as she matched him, panting with each thrust. The pictures he conjured up gathered her juices and made her even more wet and needy.

He stiffened, and she groaned.

“Now pet, come for me … now.” He roared the words, bent so his chest hair rasped across her back and before she could beg for more, he bit her neck.

Hot cum filled her as he shouted out his completion.

Her climax overwhelmed her and she screamed. “Michael.”

The name echoed around her mind.

Lindsey writhed in the bed. The empty except for her bed.

Outside the early predawn showed it wasn’t time to get up.

Inside the sheets were twisted around her legs and her hair was plastered to her face. She swore and pushed the damp strands back with shaking hands.

That bloody dream again. She glanced at the clock. Plenty of time.

Now where the hell was her bullet?


From Wednesday The Furnace Man will be available at

Plus, Amazon, and all other good on line book stores.


Happy reading,

Love Raven x

P, S. I’ve just found the car keys in the fridge. Next to where the milk should be…