And a new year (for me) begins

To, meeeeeeeeeee

Hi all,

Actually not a lot to chat about today. I’m knee deep (or is that neck deep) in changing a 14k novella into a 70 novel for Manatee Books, 3k off finishing a short, hot, sexy (I hope) story, and plotting my next chick lit.

But at the moment no release until May next year.

I’m not sure if that relieves or frightens me.

However, today is my birthday. I am officially one year older, not necessarily one year wiser, and definitely not one year less enthusiastic about writing, even though my focus has changed somewhat.

Hence you might see me out and about on social media as Katy Lilley, Raven’s softer, sweeter, alter ego.

Raven and her dark side Kera Faire are still here, they just seem to be taking a back seat at the moment.

So if you see Katy, Raven, or Kera’s name on a book you’ll know what you’re getting.

As for me? I’m getting ready to open my presents, (and drink that fizz)

Until the next time,

happy reading,

love Raven x

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