Where Raven introduces Katy

Morning all,

It’s not often I can look at my diary and not see an imminent (or not too far in the future)  ‘publication day’ notification.

I can at the moment.

Apart from A YA paranormal story, date to be decided my next definite (or as definite as you get in the publishing world) isn’t until May.

It seems weird, especially as I don’t think it’s likely one will appear before then.

Why? Well, because my muse seems to have gone off at right angles into the world of softer, sweeter, romance than Raven writes. She’s got a side I didn’t know about and an alter ego called Katy Lilley.

Well fancy that. And Katy seems to write chick lit. Her first book, from Manatee Books is set in glorious Devon, and I hope it’s a mixture of romance, mystery and humour. Finger’s crossed. As yet the title hasn’t been confirmed, but watch this space.

On another note, my Raven side is celebrating The Duke’s Temptation, from Totally Bound, which came out recently, in eBook and paperback.


Happy reading,

love, well, both sides of me xx


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