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Second Go-Round

Elite Escorts #2

Erotic Romance from Author Lynn Burke!


Nothing like Sunday mornings, a pot of coffee, and sports talk radio on TV. While Mike and Mike chatted about the Pats, I sucked down caffeine hoping it would infused my blood stream so I wouldn’t have to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks.

Talk about a lousy lay.

I swallowed down more coffee and shook my head, my mind flitting to memories of my date the night before. The sexual-charged energy over the dinner table. The grinding of his huge hard-on against my hip while dancing amidst strobe lights and thumping bass. The anticipation as I dragged him into my apartment at two in the morning…

The guy didn’t know how to use the package between his legs he’d been blessed with. That, and his complete lack of hand and mouth use just about killed it for me. And, not in a good way. He just stuck it in and went to town getting his own rocks off.

Boring with a capital B.

I stifled a yawn and frowned. Shouldn’t have been surprised. Every man I’d been out with since losing my virginity years earlier had pretty much proven to be the same. Hype, energy, then disappointment. Sure, I got off on occasion, but only because I had to help them get the job done.

You’d have thought I ripped his heart out when I sent him out the door the night before, declining his suggestion of another date. No thank you.

Broken heart number…fifty? Sixty? Whatever the answer, he joined all the men I’d left hanging or begging for a second chance. The few who did happen to talk me into another try ended up as a similar blip on my past’s radar.

I’d been called all kinds of names over the years, most being uncomplimentary, regardless of how truthful they might be. Those who knew me best, pitied the men who went out with me, fools who would without a doubt end up with a broken heart.