Books, writing, holidays—Ironing and dust bunnies

I’ve not been around a lot lately. We’ve just returned from a fabulous holiday in the USA where we flew into Philadelphia, spent some time there and at the Jersey shore (no real housewives) before heading north to Cape Cod and ending up in New York. A great trip and my navigating only made a couple of wee mistakes. And I didn’t panic or throw a hissy fit. Kudos to me there I think.

However it does mean my writing took a back seat. Oh I did a few bits and bobs but nothing major.

Now I’m home and in between playing catch up with the housewifery stuff I ignore as often as possible, (But when the ironing falls out of the cupboard if I open the door I have to get stuck in) I’m writing. Ignoring the dust bunnies who are happy to be ignored. Plotting planning and cussing at the rain.

And also realising that I have a book out on 31st October and it’s up for pre-order now.

That’s The Duke’s Temptation, published by Totally Bound, and available in both eBook and paperback.

An English Duke, a French knife thrower, a mystery…and a love story. All set in Regency Britain. So much fun to write, now I have to hope people enjoy it. Available here

(Let the nail-biting commence)

Happy reading,

love Raven

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