Edits and thoughts, from Raven

Well, it’s me, Raven here today.

And to be honest I was a bit stumped about what to write. Whats going on?

I’m busy with edits, and although I have a book out on 25th, (The Cleaner the last book in the Death Isle series by one of my alter ego’s Kera Faire. Dark romance with a twist, some humour and a HEA I hope.) Plus a YA out on 28th. (Discovered, book one in updated and added to The Shalean Moon series by J Lilley. She’s me as well.) That’s not this week though.

This week it’s edits. Regency, dark romance, YA…you name it, I seem to have edits for it.

Not that I mind. Edits are there to make my story error free (ish) more appealing, and shout to you, ‘read me…’

Now lets hope they do.

I’m not pimping really. Although Discovered is up for pre order on Amazon, The Cleaner, and the Regency (The Duke’s Temptation, out in October) aren’t.

So on that note, I’m going to leave you. Go back to my edits, ponder over my crazy typos, (what a romantic vice he had… which from was he form…who shot the door…to name but a few) and hope my next books are a success.

Oh and next time I might just pimp them to high heaven.

Happy reading,

Love Raven x

Who is now biting her nails for the next couple of weeks.

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