Ho do you feel about Vampires #MondayRamblings with Doris (@mamaD8)

Happy Monday, folks, Doris here. As the title says how do you feel about vampires? The non-sparkly deadly kind I hasten to add.

The ones that could kill you in an instant if they so chose?

Why do you want to know I hear you ask? Well, it so happens that I have a new vampire series coming soon, called The Vampire Games. Expect lots of kinky shenanigans with vampires of all ages and their curvy human heroines.


What are the games?

You’ll have to read the series to find out, I’m afraid.



For now, I shall leave you with my stunning cover, courtesy of the hugely talented Harris Channing.



Here’s the blurb:


Evangeline Prewitt has had better days, weeks, and quite possibly months. A rent increase on top of a huge car repair forces her to seek out her boss for financial help. His solution… Enter The Games.

Evie has her doubts about being sold off to the highest bidder—who would want a plump waitress—however desperate times call for drastic measures.

Besides, it’s only sex. What can possibly go wrong?

Atlan St. James seeks out The Games for a little distraction. This three-hundred-year-old vampire is drawn to the delicious human bundle of curves the minute he sees her. Evie will be his, for the night, at least.
What neither of them counts on is the instant connection between them. After all, sex is easy. Emotions are far more difficult to negotiate.

As far as Atlan is concerned the only solution is to let his precious angel go.

Evie, however, will not be dictated to.

The game is on.
Scheduled for release June 20th with Siren Bookstrand


That’s all from me today.

Dos stay naughty and tell me about those vamps!


D xxx

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  1. Oh. Non-sparkly, deadly…yes please.