The moment you can stroke your cover

No, It’s not happened yet but it will in a couple of days.

The Furnace Man, one of my Death Isle stories written by my alter ego Kera Faire is now out in paperback as well as eBook. I am all over excited.

That one on the top. It’s weird because I adore eBooks. I love how i can take however many books I want on holiday all in something less than the size of a paperback and have room for clothes in my suitcase.  I appreciate the way I don’t get sore wrists when I’m reading a long book. I’m all over thankful i can increase the size of the font when my eyes are tired.

But… yep I do like to stroke a cover and smell that lovely new paper smell of a physical book.

And if it is one of my own stories under the shiny cover… Oh my… Time to dance.

so if you fancy meeting the Furnace Man in paperback. Here’s a couple of options (createspace) (Amazon)

Happy reading whatever it is,

Love Raven xx


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