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When I first published in romance, I was with a New York house and ebooks were just getting a foothold in the publishing industry. I knew with print books, they’d eventually be out-of-print, but there would always be a new contract and new publications. In the not-too-distant past, publishers shutting their doors wasn’t a common occurrence.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t hold true any longer, at least with epublishers.

A few years back, I thought I’d try my hand at them. They seemed ideal. There wasn’t the long nine to twelve month wait for publication as you have with NY publishers. Too, the books are out there forever. There’s no out-of–print to worry about. And the royalties were great, at least in the beginning. Then the market became glutted, competitors popped up overnight it seemed, and everything more or less went to hell.

Late last year and early this year two of my ebook publishers went belly up. I had a substantial backlist with each in series books. I knew other authors were going the indie route on Amazon, but frankly, I have too much to do to format, distribute, and market my own books. As it is, I’m doing a lot of marketing and it’s exhausting.

I decided to query other publishers to see if they were interested in the series. They were! But now came the hard part. Each house has it’s own style, which includes how much they want the POV to be distributed between the hero/heroine, whether they’ll accept same sex scenarios, what sexual words are allowed, etc. It’s pretty daunting, especially when you have six or more books in a series and have to rewrite every one. I used to think rewriting would be easier than starting from scratch. I was wrong.

However, there is an up side to this. In August, Wicked Takeover, the first book in my Wicked Brand series, erotic contemporary, will be releasing with Entangled with the other books to follow. And, my Taming the Beast series is with another publisher now who’s expressed interest in this fun erotic paranormal-romantic comedy series.

I’m looking forward to getting my books back out there that had been with the now defunct publishers. Are you an author? Have you been through this too? Would love to hear your story.

Coming May 23 – Make Me Crave – erotic contemporary menage – Kindle Worlds.


She’s run from a dangerous man into the welcoming arms of two strong Texans. Justice will be served. Lives will change. Passion won’t be denied.

Having fled New York and an abusive relationship, Mia’s hiding out at Intimate Cravings, her private BDSM resort. The action’s scorching, her security guys beyond hot. Ex-military, Chance and Riley are everything she’s craved but figures she can’t have. When it comes to ménages, she’s a virgin, and they might not be interested.

Think again.

One problem solved. However, she suspects her ex is stalking her.

Riley and Chance aren’t about to let anyone harm Mia, a smart and determined woman they intend to pleasure and protect. Her ex might be bold on Wall Street. In Texas, he won’t last a minute against them.

Bound by love, the threesome sets a trap that will bring Mia peace and lead them to sultry days and impassioned nights.

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