Raven realises…A funny thing happened on the way to this blog


Happy Tuesdays everyone. It’s Raven here as today’s Dirty Birdie, and a funny thing happened on the way to this blog post…I’m in rather a good mood.

As some of you may (or may not) know, and for lots of reasons, many of which are probably too stupid to go into here, I’ve been on a roller coaster with my writing lately.

I guess it started when I was told by a publisher that there was no call for Regency stories anymore. They didn’t sell. And this a week before a Regency came out.

Not exactly what you want to hear. Doesn’t exactly give you any confidence in your work now does it?

However once I’d got over the shock, I thought well never mind. I’ll just prove you wrong.

The first step came last week, when I heard the fantastic news that Totally Bound had accepted the first book in a Regency series, and my editor is very pleased with the first book, and is looking forward to the series. What doesn’t work for one does for another eh?

To make things even better, I was nominated in the Love Romance Cafe’s book of the year in the BDSM/Kink category.

You should see the other authors in there. I’m in awe and absolutely over the moon, that Secrets Learned, book 5 in Diomhair, my BDSM series set in a restored castle in Scotland is considered to be good enough to be there with them.

Of course I’d like to win, who wouldn’t but to even have gotten this far, is beyond my wildest dreams. Take that and stuff it where the sun don’t shine the person who told me snigger that I didn’t know anything about BDSM, because they’d read some books and they weren’t like mine.

Well, thank goodness. How boring if we all wrote the same.

And let’s face it, define kink? One person’s kink is another person’s normal. And vice versa. As long as it’s safe, sane and consensual, why get your kickers in a twist. Well unless that is your kink. wink

Anyhow, as I often do I’ve digressed.

I really wanted to say, That even when I thought I was on the wrong track, I persevered. And here we are,

I’ve abandoned the roller coaster for the time being…

Inbox refreshing because I have some subs out.

Inbox refreshing because I’m waiting on edits.

Inbox refreshing as I’m also waiting to get the button for voting in LRcafe awards. (voting is from 7th-14 Feb. Hoe you’ll go and press the buttons for your favourites.

Last but not least…

Inbox refreshing in case I’ve missed anything rolls eyes

Have a great week, and hopefully speak soon,

Love Raven x

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  1. What a wonderful message, Raven. Congrats on all your success! <3