Dear Muse, why are you messing with my mind? It’s mixed up enough without you meddling in there.

Whatever happened to my muse?

No it hasn’t run away, or let me truly rest whist I was on a fantastic fly and flop break in the sun.

But she has been nagging me in a most peculiar way. Meddling even. Even before I thought to get my week of tranquility she was determined that wasn’t going to happen.

First of all I was told in no uncertain terms where my current WIP was going wrong. Then was on the plane going away I deleted 2k and wrote one. (Told you the muse was behaving strangely.) Since then thanks to a plane journey home I have added over 5k to this.

Before that, she informed me that once the current WIP (a Dark Isle story by my Kera Faire pen name) was finished and subbed, I had to write the next book in my Domme’s of Ballingal series.

That threw me. As much as I enjoyed writing book one, (Kristin) and it got some good reviews it sank without a trace very rapidly. I imagined it just wasn’t suited to my style of writing. Ms. Muse seems to disagree and insists I write Nicole’s story? I tried to argue, but boy. Ms. Muse is stubborn. I now have copious notes and a rough idea of where Nicole is going to get the man she needs.

But oh lordy…stress time.

Now wouldn’t you would think was enough? After all dearest muse keeps reminding me I have a Regency to finish, and another idea floating above my head.

So, then, as if all that wasn’t enough, she also got someone (hello Rhonda) to post a picture in our Facebook group The RavDor Chicks, and gave me the beginning of Meet Sam Meyer.

I had thought I was slowing down this year.

Happy whatever grabs you (now there’s a thought for my muse to play with)

love Raven xx

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