Release day otherwise known as the London bus syndrome

It’s another London bus session. Nothing out for ages and two together.

Okay they are under different names, but as people generally know, because it isn’t a secret, my dark side alter ego is Kera Faire. (Gaelic for dark horizon.)

I have no idea how I manage it, but the number of time something like this happens is amazing. Often one tow or on one occasion three books out in a week. Different publishers, but all with a very similar idea of when they want to bring my book out.

I’ve learned to go with the flow. After all it is usually very different books so hey, reader’s choice.

Today it is a Kera Faire Dark Isle story, Killer at Christmas. After all, killers like turkey and Christmas pudding as well so why shouldn’t they have an—ahem—interesting time? Espeiually when it brings one of them in touch with his ex again.

And you get all the fun of the fair in Fairground Attraction. The only connection is they are both contemporary stories. Oh and M/f and hopefully a HEA.

That’s it.

Chalk and cheese. So if you don’t fancy one, you might fancy the other. And on that note I’m off to refresh Amazon.

Happy reading,

love Raven/Kera


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  1. Happy Double Release Day 😀