S.J.’s First Assassin – How it all started #romanticsuspense

I’m back and happy to report that I had an absolutely lovely time at the book fair last weekend. You can read about my experience here. <3

Right now, I’m deeply immersed in my WIP. I’ve surrounded myself with assassins and their sweethearts.  Gosh, I love this series. The physical risks they take totally matches the emotional risks. It’s one wild writing ride.

It’s got me thinking about how it all started. Once I had the series title it all came to me. I also have spin-off series planned. I’m going to be writing in this world for some time to come.

Ethan Wright started it for me. I saw his story first, a man so used to being in control. Oh, he’s delicious. Then one woman is set in his path and his whole life is flipped upside down.

Aidan’s story came to me next. I shared a bit of his story the first time I was here. See that link up above.

Now, I’m all about Max. This man knows things. Wow! His heroine is one lucky lady. I’m off to a writer’s retreat in a few weeks and I’m hoping to finish or come awfully close to finishing his story. Fingers Crossed. Knock on wood. I’m all over it. 😀

For now, I leave you with Ethan. The man who started it all. Swoon!



Book Description:

Life is passing Nadia Duskin by from her position in the mailroom. It only fulfills two necessities, keeping the repo man away and keeping her up to date on her sexy CEO.

Ethan Wright is prepared to frighten and fire the nosey girl who sorts his company’s mail. After engaging with her at one of his favorite places in the world, he digs deeper.

Together, they find the kind of pleasure that could keep them satisfied for a lifetime. Her love may be the key to putting both of their lives back on track, but to what end? When a man he’s been contracted to kill threatens Nadia’s life, he forces her to face reality. Either they’ll delve deeper into the desires neither expected or they may die trying.

Be Warned: spanking, light BDSM, public exhibition

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He pressed up against her and she lost herself in his ever-changing eye color. The hall was dark enough that she couldn’t see any of the gold tones or the green. All she saw was varying shades of darkness and him watching her. She should have felt trapped, but she’d never felt safer. It was in that moment she realized she was losing her common sense and it was time to shake off this stupor his presence seemed to put her in.

“You know, I’m surprised to see you here tonight. Where’s Mrs. Big—I mean Mrs. Windthrop?”

“You sound jealous.”

“And you’re evading the question.”

He claimed her wrists, and pulled them above her head. Her breasts pushed out and attracted his attention, sending power through her veins.

“You seem distracted. Am I tempting you?”

“Fuck, Nadia. You’ve been on my mind since I left you.”

“You left me in the middle of the night, naked and alone.”

“I tried to stay away, but, honey, you’re the worst kind of distraction. When I’m hard for you, I can’t think of much else.” With one hand holding both of her wrists, his other hand explored her body.

“Hell, Ethan, how am I supposed to respond to that?”

“You can tell me why you skipped out on work today. I have to say, you don’t appear sick to me.” He seized her throat. His fingers wrapped back to her nape and his thumb caressed her jaw. His eye’s darkened further as he looked her over. “In fact, you look good enough to eat.”

She rocked her pelvis back, fighting the wanton desire she couldn’t eliminate. She shook her head back and forth and tried to pull her hands down. “I wasn’t a distraction today.”

“Ah, you are jealous.” He pushed her wrists firmly into the wall. His free hand dragged down the side of her breast and then made a direct shot under her short skirt to her pussy.

Their gazes locked and her breathing increased. She struggled to remember her spot in their conversation. “You’ve made no commitments to me. So, that’s ridiculous.”

“Now who’s evading the question? Would it make you feel better to know I’ve been thinking about your hot pussy all day?” The heel of his hand abraded her clit. “I spent the day trying not to think about you and ended up trying to figure out a way forward for us because I can’t seem to give you up.”



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