Time Away, Wine, Good Company and a Yes! #MondayRamblings from Doris (@mamaD8)

Happy Monday, peeps. Doris, here, still slightly worse for wear, after three days spent in Scotland with the lovely Raven McAllan.

jo and i

Great company, lots of rain, plenty of wine, G&Ts, and one stern talking to about a manuscript of mine. Believe me, Raven doesn’t pull her punches when she needs to be cruel to be kind, but that’s the subject for my post on the Naughty Quills tomorrow.

Incidentally, if you’re not following that blog already…. and why aren’t you? … hop on over there and check us out. You’ll find lots of writing related tips that you might just find helpful.

I got an acceptance while I was at Raven’s for book 2 in my series Premiere Companions.

*happy grin*

This is the story of Nicoletta Cabrizi (Nicole)


and Jamie….


As per usual in that series things are not what they seem. Here’s the Unedited Blurb…

She’ll be no man’s property…

Faced with the prospect of marriage, to a man she’s never even met, Nicoletta Cabrizi’s temper gets the better of her. How dare her father use her virginity as a bargaining chip to seal a business deal?

A girl’s first time should be special, and who better to give her an unforgettable night than an experienced Dom provided by Premiere Companions.

A perfect solution, right?

The reality, however, takes her breath away. The enigmatic Jamie pulls Nicole into a maelstrom of sensation and pleasure, which steals her heart, and soul, and leaves her doubting her previous decisions.

Jamie is beyond furious at this whole, farcical arrangement, especially when Nicoletta turns out be far from the spoiled princess he was expecting to meet. Her open vulnerability and deep need to submit brings out his protective instincts.

Come what may, Nicoletta will be his.

That’s all from me today.

Do stay naughty, folks.

D xxxx

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  1. Sandie Buckley

    Aww, so glad you two had fun. So…what was the stern talking to all about?

  2. Great memories! Love the pic of u two.