Tuesday #RavenRamblings @RavenMcAllan ‘Tis strange, you know…

Hi all, this is Raven rambling.

On the strange situation I find myself in.


My last book was out just over two weeks ago. (Kera Faire, The End Game.) The one before it a few days earlier. (Raven, The Scottish Lord’s Secret Bride.)

I have two books in the editing stages with two different publishers.

And I know, unless things drastically change and I manage to sneak in a short story or something, my next release will be in December. Which is four long months away.

It’s not that I’m not writing. I am. I have a Regency (or two) to finish. But they are both longer stories and both for publishers who work to a greater timescale than others.

This doesn’t bother me, they’ll be out when they are out, and I know the spacing for those publishers and how to get my books to them to keep those spaces regular.

It just seems weird. No publication date in the offing, no inbox stalking…nothing.

And I bet they’ll come out within a week of each other as well.

It’s like edits, how whatever you do so they always drop into your inbox within a day or two of each other?

I try to plan things so I can have a nice non-stressful time of write, edit, and pimp. So far it hasn’t worked.

Ah well I always say I thrive on stress. (And coffee and chocolate. Oh and don’t forget the wine.)

Looks around Who has the wine.


Meanwhile, Happy Reading,

Love Raven x


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