Late Night Thoughts with Raven (@RavenMcAllan)

Happy Tuesday, people, Raven here.


When will I remember not to plot as I go to sleep?

You know if only I’d jotted down all those late night, just as I’m about to fall asleep ideas, I’d be a million seller by now.

Well maybe not, but why do I seem to get so many plot lines and cliff hangers, not to mention what in that sleep befuddled state seems like sparkling dialogue, when I’m snug, sleepy and in bed? Usually with a snoring Dh next to me so I can’t put the light back on. Even if I did have a notepad and pen handy. You know the ones I moved half way through the day into another room for some reason.

For a while I started to keep writing materials in the en-suite so I could get up and perch on the loo and write down whatever I’d thought of. There was a couple of snags to that. Firstly, at the best of times, my writing is a bit like a snail which has nibbled the magic mushrooms. In a half awake state it’s nigh on unreadable.

The other equally important fact is that for a good half of the year, up here in not so sunny Scotland, it’s too darned cold to get out of a warm bed and shiver while I try to remember what it is I’ve thought of.

So, instead I’m trying to not think of plots tag lines and all things ‘writerly’ as I slip into slumber

Is it working? Hell no. I might need to invest in thick bed socks and thermal PJ’s.

Meanwhile whilst I’m awake, I type on and hopefully create stuff you want to read.

I guess this is where I say, oh and I have a book out soon


I’m not gong to harp on about them, honestly but yee haaa chair swivel jiggle, Secrets Dispelled the last book in my Diomhair series about a BDSM club in a renovated Scottish Castle is out on general release on Amazon, Are, and other ebook sites today. And it is also out in a 2 story paperback along with Secrets Learned book 5 today as well.


I had the second book in my dark-ish series called aptly Eilean Ba?s, which is Gaelic for Dark Isle accepted today. So book one The Dispatcher will be out in June and book 2 The Jeweller, probably July or August.


Oh and so is my Regency Scottish Romance The Scottish Lord’s Secret Bride. (Carina July 23rd Up for pre-order on Amazon, Kobo, Are etc)


Now where’s that paper and pencil.  I need to write out 100 lines… Don not think of plots in bed. Do not think…

R xxx

2 Responses to Late Night Thoughts with Raven (@RavenMcAllan)

  1. Bella Settarra

    Fab post – can’t get over how busy you are!!!

  2. Raven McAllan

    I’m trying to slow down, honestly.