Monday Ramblings from Doris (@mamaD8) My Unpredictable Muse #NewSeries

Hello, folks, Doris O’Connor here with another edition of Monday Ramblings.


This time I’m rambling on about my muse. You’ll have heard me mention before how unpredictable she can be. It’s also no huge surprise that she can never resist an anthology submission call. You just have to go and count the number of anthologies I’m part of, to realise that 🙂

So, when one of my  publishers,  Evernight Publishing, announced their submission call for a Dark Erotic Romance anthology,  my muse, of course, sat up and took notice.

You can check out the submission call here. It’s a tough call, for sure, not least, because I hadn’t written a dark romance before, though I do love reading in that genre. Right from the start I thought I would be tough to stick to that tight word count of 15 K max, but I sat down and started writing anyway.


With the delicious Sam Elliot as my visual inspiration for my hero Ellis Reynolds, aka Ren, a ruthless killer/cleaner in the employ of one of London’s foremost crime lords, my fingers flew. When my heroine Susie, curvaceous redhead and new waitress at the club Ren’s boss Owen Huntly runs his operations from, stumbles right upon one of Ren’s kills, he has a choice to make.

Kill her or claim her as his Prize. As the name of the story is His Prize, you can guess which option he chooses. 🙂

It became apparent pretty early on that I wouldn’t manage to keep it to anthology word count, especially when my heroine revealed a secret of her own, which means the start of a turf war, between Huntly and the neighboring gang, the Priestly brothers. Unlike Huntly, who has his own code of honor, twisted though it might be, the Priestlys are just plain bad news.

It falls to the Cleaners to… well clean.

And thus a new series was born, as one by one the Cleaners on Ren’s team  came forward to introduce themselves. I thought it would be fun to show them to you.

This is my inspiration for Owen Huntly

HUntly the cleaners

Clive Owen has just the right amount of calculated menace  going on here for that crime lord.


Ty Mason, Ren’s right hand man


TY the cleaners


Josh Carmichael, former MMA Fighter and the biggest of the Cleaners


josh the cleaners

The Synn brothers, Alex

cleaner guy 1

and James (their story will be m/f/m as they like to share)

cleaner guy

and last but by no means least the enigmatic and by far the most dangerous of all the Cleaners, Ace Jackson

cleaner guy 2

It will be such a hardship to stare at these guys while I’m writing I tell you. I completed book one in the cleaners The Prize yesterday. It stands at 29 K at first draft, and will be off to my beta reader soon, once I’ve tidied it up. I have the start to Ty’s story in my head, though I’ve yet to settle on a title. It will come to me in due course.

So, what do you think? Well, if nothing else I hope I’ve brightened your Monday morning with the man candy. I intend on subbing this series to Evernight. Of course they might not want it, but as I’ve hopelessly fallen in love with the Cleaners, it will most certainly find a home somewhere. I’m also toying with the idea of self pubbing them. Watch this space, as they say 🙂


For now, stay naughty, folks.

D xxx

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  1. Well DANG! Can’t wait to read these!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Well, you KNOW how I feel about those handsome and hunky men!! I can’t wait to start reading about all the Cleaners.