Tuesday Thoughts from Raven (@RavenMcAllan) The wonders of Leap Year

Hello everyone, Raven McAllan here 🙂

So it’s leap year. Yesterday was February 29th.


A day which only happens once every four years. And when it is said women can propose to men.

So did you?

Would you?

Why would it only be okay this year?

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I was listening to the radio where women had sent in messages saying they would or wouldn’t do it and why. I guess the reactions showed that although some women thought they could take this rare chance, others were very much against it saying it wasn’t romantic. Er okay…why not? To be honest, I was astounded how many people of both sexes thought only a man has the right to propose.


Do people really think it can only be that male asks the female anyway? Or just the ones who would say so on air?


Okay that’s in a hetero relationship, but really? It has to be like that? I don’t think so.


Surely in this day and age we’re partners? Both with an equal say in the matter? Whatever our sex.


I’d be interested to hear your thoughts…

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Until next time,

R xxx

2 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts from Raven (@RavenMcAllan) The wonders of Leap Year

  1. I think if the feels are all there in your relationship and you’re ready to make that step, either should pop the question.
    Of course my hubs and I were sitting at dinner one night, talking marriage and it was a simple, “we should get married”, and we both agreed. LOL Hahaha. There’s a break in tradition for you.

  2. Raven McAllan

    i love it. We were much the same.