Bang Your Head! No, not the song… #WriterWoes #WIPHauntsMe #KaceyHammell

Good morning! Kacey here, wishing you a great morning and a fun day ahead.

A lot of times, I am asked, “What a day in the life of Kacey Hammell like?” It’s a question that sometimes makes me cringe, or smile. Today isn’t a smiling kind of day. For the last couple of weeks, well months really as I have recovered from this and that personally with health and other family member’s health issues, writing has been an up hill battle — and my legs are feeling the burn!

I know many authors will say or think, “those are all excuses. Shut up and write.” But any author will also admit that not every day is filled with candles burning, soft music playing and fingers flying over a keyboard. Writing is hard damn work. From the first draft until … forever IMO (if you think of showcasing backlists — a post for another day). But yes, writing can be hard and it takes a village sometimes. And I’ve suffered a lot these last few months as I make my way back to writing full time again. And my present WIP has been a battle, one I never thought it would be because I see the story unfolding in my head like a movie screen. Every image is front and center in my mind, but it’s the words that I can’t put to the pictures lately.  I did have some success over the weekend, things seemed to be moving better, flowing well and I was on top of the world Sunday evening.

That was all short lived coming Monday though. Nothing was clicking and I stared at the images of the people who have inspired my latest WIP and nothing helped.

And in all honesty, the lack of writing lately scares the hell out of me. This is my livelihood and something that I love, love, love to do, but I’m worried that I burned myself out. Or is it just getting back to full strength health wise and I’m not quite there yet. And yes, I still have a few pressing issues on the horizon — 4 wisdom teeth due out soon! — so I don’t know whether to chalk it all up to way too much junk in my head to put a decent story together.  I hate this for myself but my characters most of all. They have a great chemistry, a history, and a story that I know I can be proud of.

However, frustration is quite consuming and I’m left banging my head against the wall at the end of the day. I don’t think anything has ever been this crazy for me before — at least in my head. And boy are there voices talking all at once. I have a folder of outlines for stories to do this year, but I’m not the kind of author that can set one story aside before completely it to work on something new. I’ve tried more than once and even a few weeks ago, but the characters rebel and it’s a loss for me.

But I will not give up. I’ll push my way through everything and do my best to write something brand spanking new asap. I really need to have this WIP in my “published” folder and be on to the next book.

Writing is fun … sometimes. Other times, not so much.



I do have a new release out today though! A re-issue that has been off the shelves for over a year now. Book 2 of the “In the Arms of the Law” series — Awakenings — is now live at many of the online bookstores.  In celebration of Awakenings release, I’ve put Book 1, Illusions, on sale for $0.99.

Click each link below to find buy links to each–

Book 1: Illusions
Book 2: Awakenings



Until next time, Happy Reading!





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