Blowing your own Trumpet #TuesdayWonderings from Raven @RavenMcAllan

Hi, from Raven McAllan 🙂

Hmm… Do I blow my own trumpet or not?



I really hate saying look what’s happened or oh wow ain’t I done well (so to speak). But on the other hand when readers vote for something I’ve written to be included in the list of potential winners for an award, well that’s so fantastic, I want to shout it from the rooftops. To say thank you, I’m so blooming chuffed and it’s so good to know people like what I write.


I was lucky enough to be nominated in two categories for the Love Romance café awards for 2015, in the historical section for Compromised, (Evernight Publishing)


and contemporary for Secrets Dispatched (Totally Bound). The other nominees are superb, and fantastic, and to be honest I’m honoured to be in such illustrious company.

This part weekend it was pimp yourself on the LR café Fb and Yahoos sites. Did I? No. Weekends are family time, and although I admit I do sneak on social media when I can it’s very much just to check what’s going on, and not to linger. It doesn’t mean I’m not thrilled to be in the poll, just that I spent the time with my husband, who had been away for work. It was great to have him home, not so great to get the washing and then the ironing. (I was also very pleased to discover that Victoria’s Secrets has reopened in Miami airport…just in time for Valentine’s day. J)


Was that the correct thing to do? Who knows? But it was the right thing for me. It’s a fine balancing act, juggling writing, prom and home life. After a lot of trial and error, I think I’ve got it almost as it should be. Maybe…


That apart, the voting proper starts soon, and if anyone does vote for me, I’ll be all over happy.  It’s a heady feeling to have even got this far.


Throws confetti, and blows kisses


Now wish me luck, I’m diving into the ironing again.


R xxx

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  1. Congrats on your noms Raven!!