Who Is New Dirty Birdie, Kacey Hammell? (@KaceyHammell)

Kacey Hammell is Beyonce, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts all rolled into one 5 foot 2 body. Okay, so maybe not, but a girl can dream right?? LOL

Hello Dirty Birdie readers! I’m thrilled to join the fine list of authors on this blog and look forward to getting to know readers as each day passes.
I am 5 foot 2, which is the smallest in my family of five, a hot-tempered redhead and a passionate writer. I also maintain a farm with my husband and family, on the homestead where I grew up and returned to in order to help out, a Chauffeur to my 2 boys (my daughter has since become licensed thank heavens!), and I’m a soccer, rugby, football and baseball Momma. I am a Canadian woman, born and bred, and I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be. Well, perhaps Hawaii or Florida. It’s supposed to be very cold this coming weekend. I’m talking minus double digits!
In the glamourous author life, I write suspense, contemporary, paranormal and erotic romance. I have many series’ on the go, a lot of stories outlined in the TBW (to be written) folder, and I wish I wrote as prolifically as my brain plays the scenes in my head. The Muse is rarely satisfied. If I get dormant for too long — and by that I mean for longer than an hour or two — she’s hounding me as if I’ve taken a siesta to the Mediterranean somewhere. It seems I will be chained to be my keyboard a lot this year, not that I’m complaining a bit, the Muse has plans for me and I look forward to the adventures she’ll take me on. Though I do hope she continues to provide me with amorous heroes, especially those with tattoos. I am quite partial to them. Just the thought of outlining those tats with my… I’m sorry, I’m digressing again. My heroes do that to me, which is a magnificent thing … just don’t tell my husband.

I won’t bore you with too many details about myself this week, a gal has to leave some surprises right?ย  But I do love a lot of tv — Supernatural & Jensen Ackles being my 2 key obsessions — but I also love to cozy up on the couch and read a great story, such as JD Robb, Lisa Gardner, Jaci Burton, Sandra Brown to name a few.2015-10-28 19.55.51

I love my dog, Peaches — who should really have her own instagram account. She’s quite popular. And cute as a button! She’s a cockapoo who is spoiled rotten…by her dad of course!!

And speaking of Sam & Dean — yes I’m back to Supernatural — I will soon have 2 new baby boys in my house. They are currently still attached to their Momma so when they are completely weaned from her, they will be home for good. I will share pictures of my Hedgehogs once they are home!!

I invite you to my website to learn about each of my stories — www.kaceyhammell.com. I think there’s a bit of something for everyone who loves romance. There’s also my newsletter to sign up for, as well as all my social media links on the “Links” page. Feel free to connect with me anytime!

For now, I thank you for hanging out with me and look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Til next time,

Happy Reading!!



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5 Responses to Who Is New Dirty Birdie, Kacey Hammell? (@KaceyHammell)

  1. So great to have you with us, Kacey ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Awww Peaches. I love thee (and your mum).

  3. Welcome to the Birdies, Kacey! Peaches is cute. One of our three cats is named Bobby (inspired by Supernatural). My girls love that show, too ๐Ÿ˜‰