When is it too much sex? #DorisMondayRamblings @mamaD8

Happy Monday, peeps, Doris here. I found myself pondering this question yesterday, as I reached a point in my WIP where I could have written another sex scene, or moved on with the story.

I actually asked in my reader group for their opinion because I was torn. Now, I love writing sex, so for me to consider not writing this scene was certainly something to ponder. However, and this is the crux of the matter, I didn’t feel that another sex scene was driving the story forward, and I’m a firm believer that any scene in a book, be it a sexy one or not should drive the story forward, show how the characters are changing, relate to each other and so forth.

At this point, 65 K into the story, there had been plenty of sex of the kinky side, and their Dom/sub relationship was well established. The only thing that scene would add would be another BDSM scene, and you know, there is only so many ways you can write those.

I do have visions of my readers clicking onto the next page and going, “Hey, she hasn’t written it.”  lol. However there is another, if albeit quickie, in the very next chapter. This one, I know needs to be there, as we get the final twist, before the characters can have their HEA.

I may still add that scene ^^^, or I may not. It might well be that my editor will go, “Doris, you NEED to add this.” Who knows…. but the whole thing did make me think how much is too much sex? I don’t write a story with a prerequisite number of in-out-shake-it-all-about-scenes in my mind, other than what the publisher requires of me. They evolve naturally, with the needs and emotional development of my characters’ relationship in mind.

After all, sex without emotion is just….well, it has no real place in Erotic romance, if you ask me and is the difference between Erotica and romance.

Nothing wrong with insta-lust and scratching an itch, but I like to give more in my stories, than just that, or just BDSM. They’re love stories first and foremost, and yes, usually my characters have lots of sex. After all, we’re all it like rabbits when you first get with someone, right 😉

I shall leave you to ponder that question, as to whether there can ever be too much sex in your erotic stories.

Now, I can’t leave you all without squeeing about my newest release, The Dragon in the Stone, which is an erotic twist on Beauty and the Beast. It took Drorgan and Rhonda some time into the story to get all hot and bothered with each other, but when they do….

Phew, is all I say.



Several Centuries ago Drorgan was cursed into stone. Every twenty five years he is given one night and one day to find the woman willing to accept him in both forms.

It’s the price to pay for his past behavior.

As a lost, lonely little girl Rhonda Butterbaugh was rescued by the dragon in the stone and she has never forgotten her fierce protector. It sparked her fascination with all things dragon. If only they were real. There are no such things as fairytales, however.

When she is attacked on her way home, and wakes up in a cursed magic castle, complete with a fierce dragon shifting lord, her life takes a turn for the surreal.

Determined to break the curse and rescue Drorgan and his kin, she hasn’t counted on Drorgan’s resistance.

Dragons aren’t supposed to be noble.


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Stay naughty, now,  folks,


D xxxx

4 Responses to When is it too much sex? #DorisMondayRamblings @mamaD8

  1. I’m with you on needing to drive the story forward. Frankly, I find sex scenes that are just there for steam factor boring. If it doesn’t hook into the plot and move it and the characters forward it gets repetitive. I’d rather read about the emotional entanglement, the uncertainty and desire, than count how many sex scenes are. My books usually have one or two major sex scenes, and not until WELL into the story. Like you said, that’s the difference between erotica and romance. I prefer the latter. 🙂

  2. Yes, I agree with you. I love reading sex scenes that move the story forward or change their relationship somehow. When characters just have sex because there’s nothing else to do, I tend to skim through or skip altogether. (WORSE: when killers are surrounding their hiding place but they can’t stop humping.)
    For me, too much sex would be when the sex takes over the story, i.e., we get ten-thousand words about ‘doing it’ and two-thousand words for the actual story/plot. I want a juicy story that’ll make me lick up the sexy bits as well. Great post, Doris!