Writer’s Block or simple can’t be arseditis? Monday Ramblings from Doris (@mamaD8)


Happy Monday, folks, Doris here with some ramblings. I’m pondering writer’s block today. What is it, and when do you know if you have it? That is the question.

You hear us writer types talk about it all the time, don’t you? It’s not an affliction I usually suffer from, I have to say, but at as we headed into 2016 I did wonder.

You see, pre-Christmas I had decided to take some much-needed time off over the holidays. I had a house full, as the two kids who’d flown the nest returned with their partners and of course all the usual humdrum of a busy household of nine with small children underfoot.

I enjoyed the break, didn’t miss writing one little bit in fact, which in itself is unusual, as I normally have at least one character in my head scrabbling to have his story told.

I had edits to do on two different stories, however, so that kept me busy, until the kids went back to school and I knew I had to knuckle down  and actually write something other than flashes.

What’s more I was on a deadline to get a Menage story to my editor for today, actually…

Should have been plain sailing, antho length, I knew the story, all I had to do is sit behind my keyboard and ….you know… WRITE.

That’s when my can’t be arseditis set in. You see, I’m a completely character driven Author, and I rely on the voices in my head, that dominant hero to breathe down my neck as I take dictation. In theory with the kids back at school I ought to be writing 2-3 K a day.

What was I doing instead? Playing games on Facebook, dong the *gasps* housework and when I did force myself to sit down and write, every word was like pulling teeth.

I can’t call it writer’s block, because the story was there, I just wasn’t FEELING it. As time ticked on and the most I manged to write in one session was a measly  1K I realized this just wasn’t going to happen.

The voices driving my writing just weren’t there. My muse had upped  and left for climates unknown. Boy, did I mope at being left behind. How dare she up with all the hot men and leave me behind with an empty head.

Oh, sure, I got snatches of ideas. A gazillion of different ideas, but not the urge to, you know, actually write them down.

It was only when I admitted defeat, and pulled out of that anthology, that the fog cleared. One voice stepped forward, belonging to Master Logan from The Spectrum Auctions.

It was this picture that had my muse return panting. Well, you can’t really blame her, can you David Gandy is such yummy hero material, after all.


ttt 12th


You can read the flash I wrote for this picture here.

Now, I’m not actually sure if that scene as it stands will make it into Logan’s story, which is now called Auctioned to the Gentle Dom, but the story now stands at 18.3 K, and as I wrote 9k just over the weekend just gone, I think it’s safe to say the voices are back. 🙂

I’m aiming to have it submitted by the second week of February, and as my fingers are flying, I should manage that.

So, what was it? Writer’s block, or cannot be arseditis? I’m not sure. I think it was just trying to write the wrong story. I’m sure I’ll get back to that menage story soon, when those characters actually want to have their story told.


Auctioned to the Protective Dom, book 4 in my Spectrum series is now available on Amazon. You’ll get to meet Master Logan for the first time in this story 🙂



[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, flogging, food play, sex toys, HEA]

It’s a Dom’s job to protect his girl.

No one believes that more than Jonas Sorenson.So when he sees the shy little sub he has been trying to get close to for ages up for auction on the Club Spectrum stage, there’s only one Dom who will get her—him.

Rissa Nauenburg hates being the center of attention, so being on show in the auction proves too much for her. Caught in the middle of a panic attack, she has no time to appreciate the fact the one Dom she has been secretively lusting after for ages has won her.

Her distress makes Jonas more determined to protect her. It’s perfectly obvious to Jonas that someone in her past has hurt Rissa badly. Under the terms of the auction she is his for twenty four hours at least.

It’s game on to rebuild Rissa’s confidence and Jonas plays for keeps.

All Rissa has to do is let him…


Available from Bookstrand  and Amazon  Amazon UK


Stay naughty, now, folks,


D xxx

4 Responses to Writer’s Block or simple can’t be arseditis? Monday Ramblings from Doris (@mamaD8)

  1. I read your headline and thought “Doris with writer’s block? Never!” 😀
    But reading the post, I get it. When you’re not feeling a story, you just won’t feel it and you won’t be motivated to write.
    The same thing happened to me. I struggled with a story for weeks but the minute I put it aside Bound to Fate just leapt at me and I wrote over 60K in 15 days.

    I’m so looking forward to Protective Dom. It’s sitting pretty in my kindle app and hopefully soon I can meet him. 😉

  2. I’m there now, so I completely get it. But instead of worrying too much, I’m trying to listen to what my body/brain needs and just take some time out to rest. I’m trusting (hoping!) that once I do that, the muse will return. My stories are there too, still bubbling away, but the thought of actually sitting down to write is too much at present. Writing is damn hard, isn’t it? But so, so rewarding! Good luck with your new work, Doris 🙂