A Wednesday Rant from @RavenMcAllan E-book vs Print – What makes an author?

I’m on the same old soap box today. The one that ought to have my name on it. Raven’s Rantbox…


The once where I rant, after someone, yet again, when you say your latest book is an eBook, asks you when you’re going to be a proper author.


I have several answers to that most of which are unrepeatable. Along the lines of ‘when are you going to stop being an asshole?’ Or ‘Well now I could say I prefer to be improper.


What I did the other day was to smile very sweetly and comment thus…


Actually the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of an author is, ‘a writer of a book, article, or document.’


Therefore what do you think?


I got a blank look and a yeah, ‘but if it’s only on the net it’s not real’… Okay trying telling that to Kindle,  Apple or Windows.


If I feel like it, I’ll point them to my paperbacks, but then I get, ‘well I can’t see it in Tescos’ or some such thing. So mostly I don’t bother. You can’t convert idiots.


But it did make me wonder. How many people are under the assumption that for an author to be ‘proper’ you need to see their books in print on your supermarket shelf?


Is it worth pointing out royalty percentages or the number of eBooks each sold each year?  Or is it best to do as I have done… Smile, pull a sad face and agree with an, ‘I know, I’m such a failure. You can spring for lunch. Make mine a double to drown my sorrows in.’


I’m drowning in words at the moment, to continue my non-career as an improper author. I have two books out in December by myself—Holly’s Christmas Dom

December 11th (Evernight Publishing)


and Secrets Learned Pre order December 15th (Totally Bound)

and one collaboration with the great Doris O’Connor,

The Dukes’ Christmas Abductions, December 7th (Evernight Publishing)



Then on January 5th The Rake’s Unveiling of Lady Belle is out from Carina,


by which time I need the next book, The Duke’s Seduction of Lady M to be with them…

And a nice wee BDSM for an antho to do and…and…

Best get back to it,


Happy reading, Love R x

2 Responses to A Wednesday Rant from @RavenMcAllan E-book vs Print – What makes an author?

  1. I hear ya, Raven! Totally empathise with everything you’re saying. I’ve heard it all before, too. 🙁

    But I couldn’t help but pick up on the comment about being “an improper author”. Now isn’t that just the best job title ever? And I’m delighted to share it with you, LOL.

    Sod what other people think – the only ones that matter are those buying and hopefully enjoying our books.

  2. yeah I <3 being an improper author and refusing to grow old gracefully. Best things in the world ever.