Celebrate the Holiday Season with Roz Lee

Hello, World!

Here in the States, everyone is gearing up for the holiday season which unofficially began with Halloween and hits full-stride next week with our Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving is one of those – over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house – type holidays here. Beginning this weekend, the highways and airports will be clogged with travelers making their way – somewhere.

One of my most memorable Thanksgiving holidays was years ago when our daughters were little. We lived across the continent from family and didn’t have the means to make the annual trek home so we did the next best thing. We packed up the car and headed north to the Sequoia National Forest. We scored a cozy cabin in the National Park and spent the weekend exploring the area. Thanksgiving dinner consisted of turkey roll in the park cafeteria. We missed spending time with the rest of our family, but made memories that will last a lifetime.

What are your family traditions during the holiday season?

Stay safe, my friends.


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One Response to Celebrate the Holiday Season with Roz Lee

  1. We are starting new traditions this year. Our kids are grown and have new people in their lives so this will be the hubs and my first solo thanksgiving. Finally we get to eat what we want.