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A few days ago, yet again I was on a plane and net less. Yes I know I’m always saying that, but this time it was only a short flight. (London to Scotland.) I’d had a great weekend. A very fruitful visit to Carina UK, one of my publishers where I got to look around their new offices next to the shard and came away, floating on air after my meeting with my editor. Not Only was The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett an Amazon best seller, it was on offer at 99p (at the time of writing it still is) but she was very positive about my writing and how they’d like me to go forward. More of that when I can share.


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Then a couple of family days, some great meals out, and finally the flight home.

Typically on the day I few home, my phone was almost dead, so I switched it off most of the day, then again once I’d got through security at the airport, and not turned it on again until we landed. As it was late, I was tired and navigating Amazon on a phone in the dark was one step too far.

Hence when I finally checked Amazon to see how my books were doing it was okay, but nothing more. I did a squee because The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett, my Carina book was still in the top 100 in it’s category, which was great, but the rest were ticking along nicely but not in the squee category.

Until yee haa on Monday, friends began to tell me that whilst I was incommunicado the day before Lord B had been in the top 20 in its category, and Evernight Publishing had shared the amazing and chair swivel jiggle news that The Deception Game had also been an Amazon best seller.


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I was over the moon, I tell you, but it did get me thinking about categories for bestseller rankings. As a mate once said, if he wrote a book about alien octopus schoolteachers and invented a category would it be an instant best seller because it was the only book in that category?

Oh it’s not as simplistic as that, but let’s face it, it is a bit random. Some categories have a lot more books in them than others. I’ve had a book outsell a best seller by 10 to 1 and not even got a look into the top 100, or earned a best seller star elsewhere.

The only real way to gauge success is see how many you sell, and (contentiously) perhaps get reviews, good, bad or indifferent.

But in the meantime, I’ll take my best sellers and hug them tightly. Look at the shiny stars and rub them so they glitter and sparkle. And give a big, high five, vote of thanks to each and everyone of you who buys a book, by me or anyone else. You keep us going.

(Mind you the lure of the best seller list doesn’t half help as well)

Happy reading,

Love, R x

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