A Wednesday Rant from Doris #Reviews

Watch out, I’m on a rant….



Yeah, that’s a pretty good interpretation of me yesterday, when I checked my e-mails and found one from Goodreads. You know the your friends are doing xyz ones. I don’t always read them, but on this occasion I skimmed through and saw that one of my books  had been added.

The person, who added my book  is a review company. To be  fair they’ve reviewed a fair amount of my books, and on the whole they are good reviews. Some great ones, some not so great ones, and then there are what I call the 2 star drive by.

Now, let me stress here that I truly appreciate reviewers, both individual and companies. You take time out of your busy schedules to give your opinions and where would be authors be, without those?

I also do not expect everyone to love my books. It would be nice, of course, lol, but that’s never going to happen, and that’s fine.  What I do expect a review company to do however, especially one my publisher routinely sends ARCs too, is… hmm, let me see… REVIEW books.

Leaving a 2 star rating with no comment on Goodreads does not a review make.  This is not the first time this has happened, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. In fact, if the feed back my rant on Facebook received, and the instant recognition of this behaviour of said review company is anything to go by… yeah, they do this a lot.

I’ve noticed they don’t post 2 star reviews on their website anymore. Not sure why, as they used to, and as much as no one likes receiving bad publicity like that, at least they gave a review with it.

You know, if you dislike my book that much, at least tell me why. I’m a big girl. I can take it. I promise I will not make up voodoo dolls in your image and stick pins in them…

Tempting, mind you.


But what really, really ticks me off and gets me riled is this back door tactic of leaving just stars on Goodreads under your review company PROFILE!

Hell, no. Us authors get enough of that shite from individuals over there. We do not need it from review companies as well. By all means leave them as an individual to your heart’s content. I still think it’s shabby and lazy, because, really, if you dislike a story that much, wouldn’t you want to get your opinion across as to why?

I know I sure would, but then again, I tend to go for the direct approach. This t-shirt….


Yeah, that pretty much sums me up. You’re gonna tick me off, you’re gonna know about it.

Now, having said that, I’m not about to commit professional suicide and name this particular review company, but I’m sure if you’re an author, you’ll know who I’m talking about.

Again I stress,  I wouldn’t be making this post if I had received a 2 star REVIEW. But just to leave stars…yeah not cool, not professional, at all.

Where does this all leave me? Well, calmer, now that I got that rant off my chest. Not much I can do about it, after all, though I do find it ironic, that I keep getting advertising offers from this particular company. Er, no, thank you.

Again  I need to stress, I have no issues with 2 stars or even 1 star reviews if there is actually a constructive review attached to them. I know I have learnt from constructive criticism, but this leaving stars business….

I’m German, hear me roar.



Let me reiterate here that I love my readers, and I truly appreciate each and every one of you who not only purchase my books, but then take the time to leave a review too. I know we all live busy lives, and sometimes stars is all you can manage. I get, it I truly do, but a review company whose sole existence it is to review… yeah ….blinking well review.

On to happier news and a little plug of my newest release, just in case you’ve missed me shouting about it. 😉

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That’s all from me today.

Stay naughty now, folks

D xxx

5 Responses to A Wednesday Rant from Doris #Reviews

  1. I hear you roar and raise you my rambling. No one likes we hate this book because reviews but at least when we get them we can see a reason and agree or not it’s someone’s opinion and they are entitled to it.
    But I’m with you on no review, just a 1 or 2 star. Why? what was so bad you can’t even say why? Tell me so I can take heed and if I agree address it. Please. Else how will I know what you think of my baby and help it grow.

  2. I hear you! I don’t think a company reviewer has ever left me JUST a starred review, but they have left one-liners before, so yeah, I hear you!