Mustangs Makeover Madness by Roz Lee

As if I’ve nothing else to do, I’ve taken on the task of updating the covers for the entire Mustangs Baseball series. Yep, Six novels, two novellas, and 3 audio books, plus six print covers.

Most of the work has, admittedly, been on the shoulders of my wonderful cover artist, Talina Perkins at Bookinitdesigns. I came up with the idea for the face lift, gave her an impossible deadline then sat back and watched her do her magic.

First, she came up with a new logo for the team:


From there, the new covers began to take shape. Revealing them all at once seemed too overwhelming, so I’ve been putting them out there two at a time for the last few weeks. As each new cover is revealed, the book goes on sale for .99!!

There’s never been a better time to snatch up some hot baseball players!

This week’s reveals are:


Revealed earlier this month:


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