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What's a Domme to do when she's trapped in an elevator with a claustrophobic submissive?

What’s a Domme to do when she’s trapped in an elevator with a claustrophobic submissive?

Yours, Thankfully is the fourth installment in Roz Lee’s Lesbian Office Romance series.


Nicole Halstead is a submissive? Who would have thought it? Not her personal assistant, Kayla, Lady Kay to her friends in the lifestyle, but you learn all kinds of things about a person when you’re stuck in an elevator with them. Things like her kick-ass-take-no-prisoners boss suffers from claustrophobia, and she plans to spend Thanksgiving break at an exclusive, lesbian-only resort rumored to cater to all kinds of kink.

When Nicole goes into full panic mode, Kayla has little choice but to take charge of the situation, even if her actions have pink slip and law suit written all over them.

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