Roz & Jen’s New Release – Not Vanilla – Spanking!

A tempting 2-in-1 bundle so erotic it will turn your cheeks pink!

Taste the forbidden. 9.22.15

Taste the forbidden. 9.22.15

I’m so excited about the release of the third installment in the NOT VANILLA series with fellow Dirty Birdie, Jennifer Lynne.

Early this year, Jen and I began the series with a very simple premise–write the hottest short stories possible using a single word as the writing prompt. We didn’t discuss our stories. Didn’t bounce ideas off each other. Didn’t consult about settings, character names, point of view.

Yes, this could have been a disaster! If my writing partner had been anyone other than Jennifer Lynne, I would have been concerned, but having been a fan of her writing for years, I was confident she could pull off her end of the deal. It was me I was worried about. I’d never started a project with so little to go on.





Powerful words that evoke more powerful images, and questions. What kind of woman is a voyeur? What would it feel like to be bound? Who, in their right mind, would want to be spanked?

I found the answer to all those questions in my characters–strong women trying to find their way through life, learning about themselves and falling in love along the way.

Go ahead, take a little bite. Taste the forbidden.


FIRST TIME by Jennifer Lynne
When I suggested a weekend away to rekindle the flame of our fifteen year old marriage, I had no idea Henry would take it as an opportunity to bust out the credit card at our local sex shop. But now I’m sitting in this country cottage on Saturday night, surrounded by nothing but forest for miles in every direction, and staring at my husband holding the spanking paddle as I wonder if I really have the nerve to bend over and let him use it. ~ Grace

I can’t imagine not marrying Brendan, but I can’t bring this discontent into our marriage either. My friend, Beth, is right. I have to talk to my fiancé, but how do you tell a man who does everything right in the bedroom that you need more—that you need him to spank you? ~ April

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