Celebrations by Raven McAllan

It’s not often I’m stuck for words or ideas, but I seem to have drawn a blank.

Not story wise, I’m having great fun with my latest Regency hero and heroine. She’s just shot the hero.

Well, he deserved it. One of those macho, thinks he’s right all the time types. He’ll soon learn.

No, stuck on what I thought might interest you here.

I didn’t just want to go on about new releases, (although I have two books out this month grin Sybille’s Lord from Evernight Publishing on 11th and The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett from Carina UK on 22nd)

moon curse-first three-EvernightPublishing_JAyAheer2015-large-series-3Drender

This time though, I wanted to talk about something else.

fizz bottle cork coming outHowever, I’ve had a houseful all weekend as it’s a big ‘0’ birthday for my lovely hubby this week, and my mind has been full of things like ‘shoot (well slightly more profane than that) is that enough potatoes’. Or ‘hellonwheels don’t let me run out of dishwashing tablets’. Even worse, ‘do we have enough wine…’

You know, things that are sent to try you.

I’ve sneaked up early each morning and written a wee bit, and inhaled and appreciated that first, perfect, cup of coffee before everyone else got up. Then thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the family is home.

But, now we’re used to just the two of us, it’s mighty strange to have every bedroom occupied, and the milk running out.

Anyway, It was fun, hectic and we all had a great time. (I think/hope.)

But it did make me wonder what on earth I could write about.

And I thought, well duh, write about how good it was. How my writing still got done, but took second place. And how in some weird way, it made my tapping away at silly o’clock all the more enjoyable. I got so much satisfaction in thinking, ‘yes’ I’ve added x amount of words and now I can relax (well not really but you know what I mean) enjoy the company, and think, woo hoo I have two books out this month.

choc cakeThink of me on Tuesday as Hubby and I celebrate his birthday proper, just the two of us… wink

Happy reading,

Love R x


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  1. Ah, happy Birthday to Mr. Raven, and congrats on those two releases! 😀