New Cover for Making It on Broadway

A show-stopping erotic novella.

A show-stopping erotic novella.

I’m so pleased to reveal the new cover for my erotic novella, Making It on Broadway.

Some time ago, one of the major eBook retailers established new rules regarding nudity on book covers. Because of the near-naked woman on the cover, MIOB was relegated to the shelves in the basement. Then they turned the lights off so no one could find it!

Here’s the former cover –

750 x 1200jpegI really hate to see this one go. It was one of my first covers as a self-published author, and one my youngest daughter (she was over 21!) made for me. For someone with zero experience with graphics, I thought she did an excellent job. She has since completed her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is a police officer.

In need of a new cover to bring MIOB out of the basement, I turned to Talina Perkins at Bookinitdesigns.  I think y0u can agree with me, that she did a fabulous job of retaining the spirit of the original while creating something new and exciting to attract readers.

Here’s the blurb for MAKING IT ON BROADWAY –

Haylee Daniels has landed a role in a Broadway musical about a down on her luck dancer who’ll do anything for another chance at Broadway stardom. The only problem is, Haylee has never danced a day in her life.

Thankfully, she has Chase Nolton, her leading man, and Broadway’s premier choreographer, Carmine Romero to teach her all she needs to know. When Carmine suggests she dance nude in order to better understand a dancer’s body, Haylee fears she may be as desperate for Broadway stardom as her character.

This is a highly erotic short story about three people who find love and make it on Broadway.

MIOB is available from these retailers:

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