New Release – Seduction – One Fortune at a Time

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My fellow Dirty Birdie, Jennifer Lynne, and I have a new release out!! Yep, we both have a novella in this awesome 7 author anthology, SEDUCTION – ONE FORTUNE AT A TIME. Each one of the seven stories is new, never before published, and written specifically for this anthology.

When I signed on to write a story for this anthology, I wasn’t sure I could do it. I don’t write paranormal stuff, and what’s a fortune teller if not paranormal? I was contemplating contacting the other authors to tell them I was having second thoughts, but while putting off writing that email, I ran across something that convinced me that I could fulfill my obligation.

Fate or Fortune? You decide.

The small town I live in has a Facebook group that is dedicated to the history of the local area. Seriously procrastinating, I began to look through the posts. To this date, I think Fate came my way.

Here’s the newspaper article from Nov., 1877, that inspired my contemporary erotic novella, Hearts on Fire.


I know it’s difficult to read, but the gist of it is, there was a fire at the local fortune teller’s house! The author of the article didn’t think too much of the woman’s abilities since she hadn’t known her house was going to catch on fire.

Now, translate that into 2014, and you have Nadya, a fortune teller with a traveling Renaissance fair, Steve, a firefighter who has been burned in love and, Shannon, a woman who thinks she doesn’t deserve a future.

Blurb –

Single father and firefighter, Steve Rankin has every reason to distrust flighty people, given the way his former girlfriend dropped their infant daughter on his doorstep six years ago then left to ‘find herself.’ When the fortune-teller at the Renaissance fair tells him there’s a woman who needs him, he rejects the prediction as so much idiocy from a fraud who couldn’t even predict a fire in time to save her booth from burning to the ground.

Shannon Perry isn’t looking for love, despite her friend Nadya’s prediction that a man with broad shoulders is in her future. It’s been years since Shannon has felt anything except numb, so when desire stirs in her body for the sexy firefighter with the adorable sprite of a daughter, stepping closer to the flames is too tempting to resist. From the sparks of desire, the fire burns hot and fast for both of them, but lessons learned the hard way could stand between them and a future together.

SEDUCTION – ONE FORTUNE AT A TIME is just .99 (US) from these retailers:


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If you’ve had experience with a fortune teller, I’d love to hear about it. Comment below!

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