Writing a demon hero

JenniferLynne_DemonOfEnvy800As writers we all have favorites amongst our books and our characters. Some projects call to us more intensely than others. I love all my book babies, and of course I love all my gorgeous heroes and heroines, but I must confess to a special interest in my latest hero, Thon.

Phthonos is a Greek god, guardian of envy and jealousy. Past indiscretions have led to his banishment from the world of mortals, but now he has a second chance to prove himself in love. When he falls for a mortal woman fighting inner demons of her own, will their love be strong enough to tame the demon Envy, or will all Hell break loose?

I love a tortured hero. The idea that love might be powerful enough to save someone from their own darkness, is highly appealing to me. In DEMON OF ENVY I took that idea and upped the ante just a tad, making Thon the holder of all the world’s envy – a greedy demon itching to get out and spread its destructive force.

But Thon is also someone who desperately wants to be good. There are shades of both light and dark in his being that are struggling for ascendancy. That inner struggle between what he is, and what he wants to be, is what makes Thon one of my favourite heroes.

Do you believe it is what we are, or ultimately what we do through our actions, that defines us?

While you ponder that question, here’s a short (adults-only) excerpt illustrating Thon’s difficult struggle between light and dark:

He bent and took her lips, fucking her mouth with his tongue as hard and as desperately as his cock rammed itself home into her pussy.

Liv, my Liv, you taste so fucking good…

She was kissing him back with the same urgency that drove his need, biting, and sucking, and licking so hard and so fast that his walls of control began to tumble. The rhythm of their love-making intensified, like a drum beat in the jungle getting faster, stronger, and louder. He seized her by the buttocks, adjusting the angle, pounding into her, losing himself…

Blackness compelled from within, like a pressure cooker about to explode. It was desperate to escape, desperate to devour whatever was light and good…Fight. Fight it and win. Don’t let it out. Protect her. Hold it in…

He broke off their kiss and cupped her face, wanting to connect and yet not like that, not with the pain. It has to be purely pleasure now, it has to be joy and brightness. The dark can’t survive, if I concentrate on the light.

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