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Happy June! As I mentioned in my last post, I have three new books releasing this month, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to delve a little deeper and dish some dirt on the first one, which has already released – Calendar Men: Mr June – The Other Brother.

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The Calendar Men project is a twelve-author series which centres around a calendar. Each author that agreed to take part was assigned a month, and they’d write their story based on this. The idea was that there would be a hunky guy in each tale who would get involved in a shirtless-men calendar, whereby all proceeds would go to a military charity. Naturally, I jumped at the chance of writing such intriguing hotness, but this brought its own set of problems. The brief dictated the action should be set in the US, with American characters. Having only been to the US once, fourteen years ago, my knowledge is pretty limited. And so I went researching crazy. I decided to set my story in New York, and then headed online. This is where the internet really came into its own. It’s packed full of information, photographs, videos and, of course, Google Street View. It’s not the same as a research trip, naturally, but my budget definitely didn’t stretch to a visit (hopefully next year!), so I had to make do. Central Park, its layout and its zoo were just a few of the things that I looked up online, as they feature heavily in the story.

I was pretty confident I could paint a picture of the setting via my research, but getting the characters’ speech right was a whole other matter. Thankfully, I had an American editor, who turned my manuscript into a mass of red squiggles! I’d tried my best, of course, but I’m just no match for a native speaker, not even with my avid watching of US TV shows. It’s crazy to think that, technically, British people and Americans speak the same language, and yet there are so many things which don’t translate. It’s enough to make your head spin. I just hope readers will enjoy the book – I had such a great time researching and writing it, and the whole premise for the series is fascinating.


The Other BrotherExcerpt:

Melodie Carr reluctantly clicked delete on the e-mail with a disappointed sigh. She couldn’t contribute to the charity calendar for the Hero Family Fund, a cause very close to her heart, because she didn’t know anyone suitable to photograph. Although her photography work varied—from children to pets, landscapes to portraits, she’d done a bit of everything—she got the impression the call for calendar models sought hunky guys to create a collection to make women swoon. Unfortunately, she didn’t work with professional models and therefore had to give up on the idea. A cute dog, something she had plenty of images of, simply wouldn’t cut it.

She might not be able to contribute, but resolved to find out when the calendar would be available and do her bit to help by buying a few copies. Some eye candy on her wall would definitely not go amiss, and her friends Poppy, Lola and Charis, and her grandmother, Joyce, would no doubt appreciate it. She grinned. Joyce, always good fun, said, there’s no such thing as too much eye candy. The saucy old broad.

Her smile faded. She missed her, having not been back to Boston to see her friends and family for a while. She should ask Joyce to come and visit her in New York—she hadn’t traveled much, and would love the hustle and bustle, the endless opportunities to people watch. Maybe Melodie and the rest of the family could buy her a ticket for her birthday. She’d have to give it some thought. It sure would be nice see a familiar face, other than via Skype.

Someone pressed the buzzer to her apartment and she sighed again. It was probably a delivery driver trying to get into the building. It wouldn’t even be a package for her.

Taking her time getting to the intercom, she hoped whoever it was would go away. No such luck—the buzzer squawked again. She inhaled deeply, trying to rein in her annoyance and avoid being rude or abrupt.


“Hi,” a male voice said. “Are you Melodie? Melodie Carr?”

“I am.” A caller looking for her? Had she ordered something and forgotten about it? “Who’s calling?”

“It’s Patrick,” the voice replied. “Patrick Brogan.”

“Patrick….” Speechless, she laid a hand on the wall to steady herself as the bottom dropped out of her world. Evidently, running to New York—albeit under the pretense of a good career move—hadn’t been enough. Her past still followed her, still tried to flood her with reminders of what she’d lost.


Damn, the man’s persistent. She never should have admitted her identity before asking his. She could have told him he’d gotten the wrong place and sent him away.



Photographer Melodie Carr moved to New York City to escape and make a fresh start. Her soldier fiancé was killed in a friendly-fire incident in Iraq, and she has been struggling to come to terms with it ever since. She still feels strongly about needless death and those left behind, so when she sees a call for photographs for a calendar of topless men, with profits going to the Hero Family Fund, she’s eager to help out. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know any men that fit the profile, so she gives up on the idea. That is, until Patrick Brogan—her late fiance’s brother—turns up in New York. Seeing him brings up all kinds of memories, but she’s determined to push them aside and be friends with Patrick. She also realizes he’d be perfect for the calendar. But can she persuade him to take part?

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