New season…new challenges those of you in the northern hemisphere are no doubt enjoying the bloom of spring, in my neck of the woods (Australia) we are now well into my favorite season – autumn. To me, sunny days with a nice cooling breeze followed by a chill in the night air that tempts us to fire up the wood burner, is just the perfect time to write. Love it!

I have quite a few writing projects currently underway that are keeping me curled up by that wood burner 🙂 DEMON OF ENVY, the latest in the GODS OF LOVE series, is in edits and should be out in May.

I’m also working on an erotic romance novella for a group anthology that will be released later this year. I’d love to show off my cover, but at this stage the overall project is still supa-sekrit!

JenniferLynne_IceQueen_800pxICE QUEEN is partially written, and I’m about to get back to it and finish this final chapter in the GODS OF LOVE series. I’m really excited about the relationship between my seemingly cold-hearted heroine, Meika, and wondering how the god of desire, Eros, will possibly be able to thaw her heart. I tend to write by the seat of my pants rather than having a plot in place, so I know as little as you do at this point about how the story will pan out.

I’m also developing the idea for a new series based on a group of girls who make a pact during high school to all be married by a certain age. Tentatively called THE MARRIAGE CLUB, I’m hoping to get started writing this series as soon as I wrap up ICE QUEEN.

I think all of that writing is going to take me well past autumn, through winter and into spring – so in a way, it is a new “spring” beginning for me too 🙂

Here’s a short (unedited) excerpt from DEMON OF ENVY. Hope you like it!

JenniferLynne_DemonOfEnvy800The need to engulf her with everything raging inside flooded over him with such force he went super-still. Get it under control. The darkness was too all-consuming and she couldn’t withstand him if he lost it. She was so delicate and easy to break, despite that elusive core of inner strength. He had to remember that.

She was human. She was fragile. And she was about to become his if he could only control his demon long enough to keep her safe.

He shucked off his T-shirt and threw it to one side, before moving forward to take over from her fumbling fingers. “With pleasure.” Remember. Do it slowly. He managed to release two more of the tiny buttons before a waft of her perfume teased his nostrils. It was a musky scent that reminded him of hot nights and seductive need, so long-forgotten that its sudden effect on his senses blasted his self-control to pieces. With a groan that rattled his throat on the way out he grabbed the two sides of her blouse and yanked them apart, the remaining three buttons flying off in all directions with a ripping pop, pop, pop.

“Oh!” Her gorgeous mouth formed into a round of surprise. He clutched at her wrists before she could cover her breasts, then released them slowly when he felt her peak of embarrassment begin to subside.

“No! Don’t ever cover yourself when you are with me.” She was solidly proportioned, with more flesh than was the current fashion. But he liked it better when there was something substantial to hold onto.

His fingers trembled as he traced around first one large globe then the other. Her skin was so white he could see the blue network of veins peeking through from beneath. Her life force, so close to the surface. So tantalizing.

(copyright Jennifer Lynne)

If you’d like to catch up with the GODS OF LOVE series before DEMON OF ENVY is out next month, find out more at Jennifer Lynne’s website or over at Amazon.

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  1. Hi Jen thanks for the update I really love your Gods of Love series and look forward to reading many more of your wonderful sexy tales hugs Tracie

  2. Hi Jen, I love your Gods of Love series. I can’t wait for the next one.

  3. Love the Series. I can’t wait for the next one and your new series!

    • Thanks Lenissa! I appreciate you stopping by – and very pleased to hear you’re enjoying Gods of Love 🙂 I have to keep pushing the new series to the back of my mind – it is trying to take over!

  4. I love the excerpt Jen, and I’m sure Demon of Envy will be a HUGE hit!!! Just keep em`coming, you know we love your books 😉

  5. I just luv this series!! I actually was just telling my friend about it!!