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Stately PleasuresHappy February! So, it’s just a few short days until Valentine’s Day, and the Birdies are discussing love. I thought I’d narrow it down a little and talk about untraditional love, or untraditional romance. That is to say, in this case, ménage. My latest novel, Stately Pleasures (which has had a brand new cover, which I LOVE – see a pattern here?), is a M/F/M erotic romance novel, with a BBW heroine, lots of kink and BDSM thrown in. Yes, it’s untraditional, and yes there’s lots of naughtiness thrown in, but at the heart of the story, though it’s not apparent from the beginning, is a love story. I absolutely adored playing with the dynamic of these three characters and how they came to be together, and it seems readers are enjoying the novel, too. So love is definitely in the air for Stately Pleasures.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite, and hopefully get you in the mood for luuuurve:

‘Thank you. Both of you. I don’t deserve you two. You’re so nice to me.’

Another look was thrown across the table. Ethan ruffled her hair affectionately. ‘You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, babe. Open the top envelope.’

She glanced suspiciously at each of them in turn, particularly since they were both grinning from ear to ear. What exactly did they have in mind? Surely not another task? No, they couldn’t do that – she’d done everything on their list. Any sexual encounters they’d had since had been purely for pleasure. Pushing thoughts of pleasure from her brain for fear of getting utterly distracted from their current conversation, she reached for the envelope. It was quite big, bordering on A4-size, and was heavy, as though it contained either several sheets of paper, or some thick card. Maybe it was just a large birthday card. She ran her fingers over the surface, searching for something that felt like a badge. OK, maybe not.

She stuck her finger under the flap and pulled it open. She was still none the wiser. All she could see was some shiny paper, and it was blank. Damn. Quickly, she pulled out the contents and turned them so they were facing up, and the right way around. It was a folder, made of thin card. Taking in the words on the front cover, she gasped, and opened it up to see what was inside. Her eyes skimmed the characters on the smaller piece of card within, then her mouth dropped open.

Wide-eyed, she looked at both men, who looked supremely smug – and with good reason. They were sending her to a spa for the day. And not just any spa – one of the most exclusive ones in the country, which was just up the road. They’d paid for her to have the works: use of all the facilities, any classes she wanted to take – fat chance of that – and as many treatments as she liked.

‘They’ve got my credit card details too, Alice, so if there’s something you want that’s not covered by that voucher, just charge it to me. Anything you want.’

Alice was speechless. Just when she thought the two men couldn’t possibly be any nicer to her, they went and outdid themselves. ‘Th-thank you. Both of you. I don’t know what else to say.’ The tears were threatening again, and Ethan pulled her into a hug and dropped a kiss to her damp hair.

‘There’s nothing else to say, Alice. Just go and get whatever stuff you need to take with you, then come back here to say goodbye before you leave.’

Jeremy nodded in agreement, so she went and did as he said. It was only when she started to shove swimwear, toiletries, clean clothes, underwear, and a book into a bag that she realised she hadn’t opened any of her other envelopes. Bollocks. She’d have to open them when she got back. She finished what she was doing and headed back into the kitchen, to find the men sitting down again, and a bacon sandwich waiting for her. Oh yes, she hadn’t eaten either!

‘Lunch is included, but I thought you should have something before you go. We don’t want you passing out in the sauna or anything, do we?’ Jeremy nodded towards the sandwich in question. ‘Now, hurry up before I eat it for you. And your lift is waiting too.’

‘My lift?’ She’d assumed she was driving herself. Which was no problem at all, especially considering she was having the day off work, leaving the men to cover for her. Making a half-hour’s journey in the car to an exclusive resort was no hardship.

‘Eat your sandwich, before it goes cold.’ Jeremy said.

She shrugged and did as he said. A couple of minutes later, her plate was empty and she was about to go and put it in the dishwasher. Ethan stopped her. ‘I’ll do that,’ he said. ‘Now go and brush your teeth and then go and enjoy yourself, for God’s sake!’

Alice was back within minutes, having brushed her teeth and rinsed with mouthwash. She grabbed her bag from the floor by the breakfast bar, then smiled at both men. ‘Thank you so much, you two. I really appreciate the effort you’ve gone to for me today. I’m going to make some new memories, OK?’

They slid from their stools and moved over to her. Both reached for her at the same time, so they were in a three-way hug. Or Alice was, anyway. They were cuddling her, not one another. Then, as if they’d choreographed it, they both kissed one of her cheeks at the same time and wished her a happy birthday.

‘We’ll see you later, OK?’ Jeremy said. ‘Your lift will be waiting outside the main doors of the spa at six. Don’t eat too much at lunchtime, because we’re doing something special for dinner too. Leave room for that, OK?’

She nodded, stood on tiptoes, and gave them both a quick kiss in turn, then left the room before she started crying again. No more tears, she told herself. Those two have gone to a lot of trouble to give you a good day. So that’s exactly what you’ll have.

When she stepped out of the Manor’s side door of and saw the white limousine waiting for her, her jaw almost dropped into the gravel beneath her feet. Immediately, the chauffeur got out and opened the back door for her.

‘Madam,’ he said, indicating she should get in.

Still gobsmacked, she turned back to the house and looked up. As she’d suspected, Jeremy and Ethan were standing at one of the windows that overlooked the staff and residents’ car park, grinning inanely at her. They waved. She waved back, then, regaining her wits, blew them a kiss. She got into the limousine before she was tempted to rush back inside and snog both their faces off.

Settling onto the cool leather of the seat, she felt like an utter tramp, dressed in such scruffy clothes yet about to be driven to a spa in the lap of luxury. Though the fact the car had blacked-out windows meant nobody could see her, anyway. People would probably look at the vehicle as it passed them on the streets and think she was some kind of celebrity, swigging champagne and generally being fabulous. She could dream, anyway. There was champagne, actually, she noticed as she spotted the cooler. But it was barely nine o’clock in the morning, so she wasn’t going to partake now. Maybe on the way home, after six. It was her birthday, after all. And so far, it was shaping up to be pretty damn good.


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